Le Rouge (108.19)

Grace gets ready for her date night, as Cal and Olive watch. While mom and dad are gone they are going to hang out with Kevin and have pizza. Michaela is going to take a bath. Grace tells Michaela about Lourdes’ wanting to start a family.

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Smokin’ hot eyes

Scene shifts to the kitchen at the Stone’s house. Olive and Cal are back home from school and Grace is putting on make-up.

OLIVE: Oh, “Le Rouge.” Goes with the smokin’ hot eyes.

CAL: I want to celebrate, too.

GRACE: You will, buddy. You and Olive are gonna make popcorn and hang out.

OLIVE: Or we can order pizza and invite Kevin over.

CAL: Okay.

GRACE: He’s already had a pretty big day.

OLIVE: We won’t stay up late, and we’ll just watch some TV.

GRACE: In bed by 10:00!

OLIVE: I know!

As Olive leaves with Cal, Michaela enters the kitchen. They say “hi” to one another when passing.

MICHAELA: Wow, you look amazing. Where’s Ben?

GRACE: Uh, he is running late.

MICHAELA: He’s still at work?

GRACE: Yeah, we’re gonna meet at the restaurant. What about you tonight?

MICHAELA: I’m gonna go to the gym, bath, and sleep. It’s been that kind of day. What’s up?

Stirring the pot

GRACE: Um I’m not trying to stir the pot. But after what I said this morning about Jared I saw Lourdes today. I was shopping, and I just happened to run into her.


GRACE: And And she was buying a fertility kit. She said that she and Jared had a plan, as soon as she got her master’s degree, they would start trying. I’m sorry. I want you to be happy, Mick. I want you to have a full life. But it sounds like Jared’s moving on.

MICHAELA:  Yeah, and so should I.

What were Grace’s true motivations?

I honestly don’t know whether to believe that Grace ran to tell Mick about Lourdes because she loves to cause drama and doesn’t like Mick much, or because she honestly wanted Mick to know the truth so she wouldn’t get in any deeper with Jared. But whenever someone says something like they’re not trying to stir the pot, they usually are.

The unusual part is the way Lourdes made sure to wave the fertility kit in Grace’s face, so she couldn’t miss it. I think she knows Grace is a gossip who would run right to Mick, and who wouldn’t mind hurting Mick a little. So Lourdes gets to make sure Mick knows that Jared is still choosing her, while being able to say that telling Grace was an accident. Wonder how long she stalked Grace, waiting for her to go into a store that sells the right products.

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