A New Normal (108.2)

While having a late night snack, Michaela expresses her concerns for Cal and Grace, as Ben becomes preoccupied with what is happening with Marko, and how that might affect Cal. Her advice: Send Cal to school, devote some time to Grace.

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Late night snacks


After leaving Cal’s bedroom, Ben walks into the kitchen.

BEN: Hey. Ew. Fig Newtons? Really?

MICHAELA: Yeah. Mom would always give them to me. I’d wake up from a nightmare and she would bring me Fig Newtons and milk.

BEN: Mine was always…

Ben reaches into the freezer and pulls out a carton of ice cream.

MICHAELA: Mmm! Mm-hmm.

BEN: …ice cream. She always kept a stash of Rocky Road in the back of the freezer

BEN/MICHAELA:  “for emergencies.”

Michaela’s concern

Ben sits on the counter top.

MICHAELA: What’s going on?

BEN: Cal wants to go back to school. You know, he’s going stir crazy. He wants to be a normal kid doing normal things. Grace is all for it, Dr. Williams signed off—

MICHAELA: But you’re worried about it.

BEN: This is just a lull. Whatever’s happening to Marko, the testing, it could restart at literally any moment, and that means Cal gets sick again, and this time he might not survive.

MICHAELA: You can’t just lock him in his room, Ben. Besides, we don’t know that the testing is going to restart or when.

BEN: Mick, someone clearly discovered that the passengers are having callings. The ability to see and hear what’s going to happen? That an incredibly powerful weapon for the military, for intelligence. No. This [PAUSE] This isn’t over.

MICHAELA: Yeah, maybe not. But, Ben, it might never be over. Your family needs a new normal. Let Cal go to school. Focus on your wife. You are lucky that you have her.

BEN: I am.

MICHAELA: Besides, we need to assume that we’re being watched. So it’s strategic to act normal. So that when we do find the missing passengers, when we finally hit back? They don’t see it coming.

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