Date Night (108.20)

With Vance’s clock ticking, Ben meets Grace at a restaurant and they both give a toast to the future.

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The greeting

Scene shifts to a restaurant. Where Ben finds Grace at the table.

Grace: Hi.

They kiss. 

BEN:  You look incredible.

Focusing on business

GRACE: So, how did everything get sorted out at work?

BEN: All the trains are back on track. How was Cal’s first day?

GRACE: Well, according to Olive, he killed it.

Focusing on each other

Ben takes a long look at Grace.

BEN: Hi.


BEN: I’m glad we’re doing this. It’s a lot of time to make up for.

The toast


Ben holds up his wine glass and offers a toast.

BEN: To a new beginning.

GRACE: To you. To your new job, to our new life together. To the new us. I’m so proud of you, Ben. To the future.

BEN: To the future.

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