Michaela’s Worry (108.22)

Back home from their date, Grace tells Ben not to wait too long before bed. While Ben and Michaela update one another about the day’s events, they worry what might happen next, as they both told Grace and Jared about the callings.

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Ben and Grace back home

Scene shifts to the Stone house where Michaela is looking at photos that were taken of Harvey’s suicide and apartment. While looing at a photo on her iPad of her and Jared, Ben and Michaela come home from their date night.

BEN: Trish was so mad.

GRACE: I don’t blame her.

MICHAELA: Looks like you guys had a good time.

GRACE: How are the kids? Oh, I just got home, but apparently, they didn’t burn the house down.

GRACE: I’ll go check on them. Hey. You okay? Yeah. I’m totally fine.

Grace then turns to Ben and they kiss.

GRACE: Don’t be long.

Grace leaves.

Ben updates Michaela

MICHAELA: You guys have fun out on the town?

BEN: You were right. She needed that. Little does she know I’m gonna lose my job before I get my first paycheck.

MICHAELA: What’s the latest?

BEN: The passengers are somewhere in Brooklyn. Vance is trying to narrow it down. He should’ve called by now. It’s taking too long.

Pinpointing the callings

MICHAELA: I got to tell you something about Harvey. He told people about his callings. Two of those people died. He was convinced that there was a connection. That is why he jumped.

BEN: I told Grace. You told Jared. Do you think Harvey was right?

MICHAELA: He was pretty unhinged. Technically, there’s an explanation for these people’s deaths. And I failed the calling. What if we’re being punished?

Michaela gets a text from Jared, “Something happened at the Harvey bar. On my way.

MICHAELA: Or about to be.

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