Down Power Line (108.23)

After a third person whom Harry told about the calling dies, Michaela worries about Jared. She tells him she knows about him wanting to start a family. She then hears the voice again calling, ‘Do not lose him.”

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A third person dies

Jared and Michaela arrive at a location where the police have set. up a yellow tape “Do Not Cross” perimeter. The camera pans to the roof of O’Ryan’s tavern where electrical sparks are shooting out of a transformer. 

OFFICER: Hey, guys. She’s back here. Power line came down. She was out for a cigarette touched the Dumpster, got electrocuted. Go figure. Just, uh, keep your distance until they give us the green light.

Lois’ body is on the payment.

MICHAELA: The bartender. That’s three, Jared. That is three people that Harvey told about the calling that are now dead.

The camera shows us a close up of Lois.


Michaela hears the voice again


JARED: You’re not gonna worry about this, all right? I still don’t buy the whole “angel of death” thing. Mick, Harvey told half the people in that bar. There’s no way all those people are gonna die. Look, this is straightforward, okay? Just I got it. Go home. Get some rest.

MICHAELA: I need you to stop. I need you to stop taking care of me, okay? I shouldn’t be here. If I hadn’t come back, you wouldn’t be scared for your life right now. All of this is my fault.

JARED: Mick, wait

MICHAELA: No. No, stop. You’re trying to start a family with Lourdes.

JARED: She told you?

MICHAELA: She told Grace. And of course you should. I am not going to get in the way of that.


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