Down Power Line (108.23)

After a third person whom Harry told about the calling dies, Michaela worries about Jared. She tells him she knows about him wanting to start a family. She then hears the voice again calling, ‘Do not lose him.”

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A third person dies

Jared and Michaela arrive at a location where the police have set. up a yellow tape “Do Not Cross” perimeter. The camera pans to the roof of O’Ryan’s tavern where electrical sparks are shooting out of a transformer. 

OFFICER: Hey, guys. She’s back here. Power line came down. She was out for a cigarette touched the Dumpster, got electrocuted. Go figure. Just, uh, keep your distance until they give us the green light.

Lois’ body is on the payment.

MICHAELA: The bartender. That’s three, Jared. That is three people that Harvey told about the calling that are now dead.

The camera shows us a close up of Lois.


Michaela hears the voice again


JARED: You’re not gonna worry about this, all right? I still don’t buy the whole “angel of death” thing. Mick, Harvey told half the people in that bar. There’s no way all those people are gonna die. Look, this is straightforward, okay? Just I got it. Go home. Get some rest.

MICHAELA: I need you to stop. I need you to stop taking care of me, okay? I shouldn’t be here. If I hadn’t come back, you wouldn’t be scared for your life right now. All of this is my fault.

JARED: Mick, wait

MICHAELA: No. No, stop. You’re trying to start a family with Lourdes.

JARED: She told you?

MICHAELA: She told Grace. And of course you should. I am not going to get in the way of that.


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One thought on “Down Power Line (108.23)

  1. What is strange about the jumper is that he had no family or connections. Why wasn’t he scooped up with the others who are being experimented on?

    Perhaps his new friends are being killed by the Singularity Project. Either they now want to bring him in or they don’t like him talking about the calling because it is their secret tech. So far, Jared and Grace are safe because they think Michaela and Ben are crazy. They aren’t telling anybody so the Singularity Project doesn’t know to target them. Meanwhile, the gang at the bar are fine with spreading the rumours. Once those rumours get out, the 828 website is going to publicize it further.

    All of those people died in accidents that could have been set-up. The first woman was so drunk, they were surprised she could be walking. She should have been in a coma. Just fill her with booze and throw her in front of a bus. Second guy had a heart attack which is totally easy to fake with potassium. Third woman dies from electrocution when she touches an electrified garbage bin? Could have been a setup if she has a habit of going out to smoke her cigarette each night while leaning against the garbage bin. Fate isn’t killing these people.

    It is weird that the guy decided he was the Angel of Death after two people at his local watering hole died. You would think it would take more than two to notice the pattern.

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