Ben Checks on Cal (108.24)

Cal tells Ben he is afraid to close his eyes because if he does everything will be gone. Ben reassures Cal that he will not let anyone hurt him.

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Cal again tells Ben he his worried


While in bed next to Grace, Ben has his shirt off. Grace is sleeping. Ben receives a text message from Vance to meet him, “NOW.”  Ben checks on Cal before leaving. 

BEN:  It’s really late, bud. Something wrong?

Cal nods his head.

BEN:  Did something happen at school?

CAL: School was fun. I saw all my old friends, but I’m afraid if I close my eyes, it’ll all be gone.

BEN: That won’t happen.

CAL: What if it does? I want to keep going.

Ben again reassures him

BEN: You will. I promise. Listen, I’m gonna go make sure of that right now, okay? I won’t let anyone hurt you.

Looking at what Cal is going through

I’m so glad that they’re not having Cal be a brave little soldier about his illness. It’s such a relief to see honesty about the loss and fear that come with serious illness, instead of just focussing on the physical pain and possibly death.

In his short life, Cal’s faced end stage cancer, a 5 1/2 year gap in his timeline during which his entire world changed, and now an unexplainable and unpredictable illness that’s connected to experiments being done on someone else. He’s acutely aware of how little control we ultimately have over our lives, and how easily it can all disappear.

He knows that Ben can’t actually fix it so easily, and it’s probably not really helpful for Ben to keep making promises that he can’t keep, instead of doing more listening and supporting. Being there and telling Cal that he’s trying are great, but promising to fix what might not be fixable isn’t.

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