UDS Records Department (108.25)

Ben realizes that the Brooklyn properties he has been looking are not current, and that U.D.S. has been slow logging them into the system, so he goes inside the U.D.S. building in search of it.

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High-level masking protocol

Ben is with Vance who is sitting at a desk. It is a different desk than we have seen earlier. Perhaps he is at his home, and not at the NSA. It is past 1:00 in the morning.

VANCE: 19 cellphones that pinged all three locations. Of those, we can rule out 17 FedEx, limo drivers, delivery trucks. That leaves two cellphones, both of which pinged cellphone towers in Red Hook. Both of which are burners

BEN: It’s got to be them.

VANCE: And both of which are employing a high-level masking protocol. There may be four agencies in the world that have it, including NSA.

BEN: So you can’t pinpoint where they are right now?

VANCE: No, but look at this.

Inside the Brooklyn radius

Ben goes around Vance’s desk and looks at the computer screen.

VANCE: They’ve been pinging this tower in Red Hook last few hours. It’s somewhere inside this radius. That list you got, the Brooklyn properties,  were there any—

BEN: In Red Hook? No, I went through ’em.

VANCE: You sure?

BEN: Yeah, I got them right here. Gas stations, a couple of businesses. None of

VANCE: What is it?

BEN: I was going by location, not by date of acquisition. Look. None of these properties were obtained within the last month.

VANCE: Well, that fits the timeline. Your plane came back three weeks ago. They bought the property shortly after.

BEN: Which also wasn’t in the records. That means there’s nothing recent in the database.

Inside the U.D.S. Building


VANCE: So someone inside U.D.S. is suppressing information.

BEN: No.No, I don’t think so. Honestly, I think they’re just slow as ass. Ronnie, my idiot supervisor, told me that U.D.S. is behind logging in their property acquisitions. The paperwork’s got to be on a desk somewhere in the U.D.S.Records Department. There’s a pass on Ronnie’s desk. It’ll get me into the U.D.S. building.

VANCE: Then what? There’ll be cameras everywhere. Once they figure it out, you’ll be fired, then you’ll be arrested.

BEN: What’s your better idea? You said yourself, there’s a ticking clock. How else are we gonna save the missing passengers, save my son?

Scene then shifts to United Dynamic Systems building.


Ben finds what he is looking for.

BEN: Brooklyn. U.D.S. No. Uh, Red Hook. Oh. Okay, no. No. Unh-unh. Yes.

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3 thoughts on “UDS Records Department (108.25)

  1. couldn’t believe it was at his office – I told myself it had to be at his home (which still could be surveilled if they’re suspicious of him). I couldn’t believe he’d be that stupid – because of course there’d be video surveillance at the NSA offices. This show, I want to like it. I just want it to give a nod to the common sense stuff. There’s no reason they needed to be in an office for that meeting.

    Besides, if you get the common, everyday type of details right, it grounds the stories enough to make the weird stuff more interesting and possible.

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  2. Did Ben meet Vance in the middle of the night — in Vance’s office ? That seems awful risky for both Ben and Vance. I guess the NSA doesn’t have security guards or 24×7 video surveillance at their own facilities. Especially after all the effort Vance went to to meet Ben by pulling the fire alarm at Ben’s office to keep their meeting secret.

    Posted at http://forums.previously.tv/topic/75919-s01e08-point-of-no-return/?tab=comments#comment-4862188

  3. The two plots had little to do with each other, so I felt like we didnt get much from either, but I enjoyed it none the less. I always like the episodes that focus more on the conspiracy and the flight passengers than the love triangles. I like that Ben is getting more allys, and they are being more proactive in solving the mystery. Ben still sucks at being a spy, but he is trying, so good on him for that! I know I say this a lot, but they really nailed the casting with Josh Dallas. He can really play “good guy just trying to do right damn it” in a way that is surprisingly difficult. Its easy to seem bland in that kind of role, but he plays it well.

    Posted at http://forums.previously.tv/topic/75919-s01e08-point-of-no-return/?tab=comments#comment-4862188

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