Points of View (108.26)

Grace finds Ben’s note hat he is running an errand, and smiles watching her children. From her point of view, everything is good. Michaela fears losing Jared, and Ben fears the worst, too. As experiments on Marko/Cal have started up again, we’ll have to wait until next week to see who has reached the point of no return.

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Grace’s point of view


Scene shifts to the Stone house. Cal and Olive are on the couch watching TV and having their breakfast. A note from Ben on the counter says, “Running an errand. Call when you’re up! Love you! B” From Grace’s point of view everything is going good. She smiles.

Michaela’s point of view


Scene shifts to Vance’s office where Michaela is speaking privately with Ben as Vance works at his desk. 

BEN: Bartender, too.

MICHAELA: I had another calling with Jared.

BEN: “Don’t lose him.

MICHAELA: I think that Jared might be in danger. And Grace We have to do something. We can’t just wait

Ben’s point of view


BEN: We are doing something. We’re finding the missing passengers. The more we can learn about the callings, the better.

Vance calls out.

VANCE: Here’s your property. Chemical warehouse, Red Hook.

MICHAELA: Yeah, that makes sense. Red Hook is its own world. Down by the water. No public access.

BEN: That’s the place. We got to get there and stop them. I just hope we can do it in time.

Cal’s point of view


Scene shifts to inside Red Hook where the SP Supervisor, Laurence, is with the scientist.

SP SCIENTIST: Looks good. We’re testing the current now. The rest will be online soon.

The scientist nods his head to the clinician who turns on the power. While Marko Valeriev is being shocked, Cal who is in his living room, feels the pain.

The Point of No Return

“The Point of No Return”, this week’s episode title, refers to the point that’s THE point where there’s no turning back, where the decisions you make and the actions you take are irreversible. For the most part, this episode leaves the point of no return in each storyline mysterious, though it’s clear that life altering decisions are being made and confrontations are coming. For Harvey, the passenger of the week with a death wish, the point seems obvious, but is it? Was he doomed when he started telling stories in O’Ryan’s Tavern, or did he doom himself by overthinking the pattern? We’re given very little information about Harvey, so we don’t know if he was getting callings that put the ideas of angels or death into his head. We don’t know what he ignored and what he followed. All we know for sure is that he gave up, in a way that he couldn’t turn back from.

SOURCE: Metacrone at Metawitches.com

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