SP Push (108.3)

A new character, Laurence, is introduced. He is the Singular Project’s point man for the experiments that are taking place. In this scene he tells an SP Scientist to speed up the research before Vance finds them again.

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Finalizing the clean room

Scene shifts to an unknown location.

LAURENCE: Keep me updated. When will we be ready?

SP SCIENTIST: 48 hours, give or take. We’re finalizing the clean room.

Worrying about Vance

LAURENCE: My source at the NSA tells me, Deputy Director Vance took an unexpected personal day. And now he’s offline, completely dark.

SP SCIENTIST: He could be inconveniencing us once again.

Accelerating the timeline

LAURENCE: We’ve invested too much in this project to let Vance shut it down. Accelerate the timeline I need you fully operational in 18 hours.

SP SCIENTIST:  I don’t think that’s possible.

LAURENCE:  Make it possible.

As supervisor leaves, scientist tests Marko Valeriev’s eyes for dilation.

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