First Day of School (108.5)

When Grace wants to give Cal a ride to school, Olive comes to his aid, saving him from the “mommy drop.” Michaela is frustrated that Jared want to keep riding with her. When they get to school, Olives takes Olives hand.

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Grace’s concern

Scene shifts to the kitchen.

CAL: I’m fine. I feel good.

GRACE: You do feel good. So, first day at school are you nervous?

CAL: No.

BEN: All right. Your mom’s gonna take you on her way to work.

CAL: I don’t need a ride. I’ll walk with Olive.

GRACE: Backpack and shoes, let’s go.

OLIVE: Guys, it’s six blocks, and it’s the same campus. He can come with me.

GRACE: After everything he’s been through, I just want to make sure he’s gonna be okay.

OLIVE: He’ll be fine. Okay, the last thing he needs is the mommy-drop. First he was the cancer kid. Now he’s the 828 kid. Let him just show up on day one being normal.

BEN: All right, but if you see anything strange or if Cal gets sick again, you’ve got—

OLIVE: I’ll call, and text, and Snapchat. Relax.

BEN: The wisdom of a 16-year-old.

Michaela’s concern

Michaela walks in, and grabs her coat.

MICHAELA: Am I still driving you? Can we get going?

BEN: Good morning to you, too.

MICHAELA: Sorry. It’s just I’m trying to get Jared out of my head, and the captain insists we ride patrol together.

GRACE: Maybe it’s Jared who’s insisting.  I got to get ready. Have fun at work.

BEN: Hey. See you tonight.

Olive’s concern


Scene shifts to outside on the school campus. 

UNIDENTIFIED STUDENT VOICES:  Check it out. It’s that 828 kid. The plane.

OLIVE: Hey. You’re gonna do great.

Olive takes her brothers hand.

MAN AT DOOR: All right, guys, school’s open. There you go. Good morning. Good morning.

The students are let into the building, for the start of a new school day. 

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