“Don’t Lose Him” (108.6)

Michaela gets another calling, “Don’t lose him.” Is this a reference to Jared who had just teased her about coming in late to work? Or a man from flight 828 who Captain Riojas says wants to jump off the roof of Freedman College?

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Wisecracks from Jared

Scene shifts to the 129th police precinct. It’s 9:45 a.m. 

JARED: Yo, Stone! I see you coming in here late.

Jared says in a joking manner, as he pours a cup of coffee. Michaela walks past him.


Michaela gets another calling


To whom does “Don’t lose him” refer?

Michaela receives a verbal calling that’s as vague as her previous callings, but this one will not clarify itself by the end of the episode. In fact, the way it is introduced, underscores it complexity. Initially, we are led to believe it is Jared (i.e. revolving around her reluctance of riding with him cf. 108.5). But then immediately after she receives the calling, Captain Riojas informs her about a jumper (108.6). This is how Michaela understands the call. When he jumps she blames herself for having failed. Then later she develops an hypothesis that takes the calling to a whole new level (cf. 108.18). But by the end of the episode, we still don’t know. Another possibility of who “Don’t lose him” may refer to is Cal. After all, the episode begins with him saying, “I don’t want to die” (108.1), and ends on an ominous note (108.26).

Vagueness of the callings

I’m having a hard time with the vagueness of the callings. It’s as easy to send “Don’t lose Jared”, or Cal, or Harvey, as it is to send “Don’t lose him”. Using non-specific callings as major plot devices is wearing thin with me. If it’s so important that the passengers get these callings right, then whoever’s sending them can use a code that they can understand.

The fact that they continue to be so vague makes me wonder if the callings are experiments and tests. Maybe whoever is sending them isn’t sure who the receiver will be, so they send something that almost anyone could interpret to apply to someone in their sphere. When the callings are specific, it may be a matter of the receiver being in the right place at the right time, such as with the Pyler sisters.

SOURCE: Metacrone at Metawitches.com

A Man in crisis about to jump

RIOJAS: There you are.

The captain is on the phone.

RIOJAS: I’m on with ESU They’re asking for you. They got a jumper on top of a building at Freedman College.

MICHAELA: They need a detective? Guy was on Flight 828. They’ve hit a wall. ESU thinks that he might talk to you.

Michaela starts walking in haste. Jared follows her.

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