Surprise! Surprise! (108.7)

When Ben gets to work, he has a series of surprises. First, Ronnie Wilcox points out to him an 828 fan site. Then  while exiting the building during a fire alarms, he is greeted by Vance who says that they need to work together.

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Flight 828 Central Website

Scene shifts to the JP Williamson building where Ben is arriving for work. He walks past several supervisor’s offices, when Ronnie Wilcox sees him.

RONNIE: Stone! Get your ass in here.

BEN: What’s up? – You know about this? Check it.

Ben walks around his desk and looks at Ronnie’s computer screen.

BEN: What site is that?

On the screen is a website calledFlight 828 Central” with the tag line “The 5 1/2 Year Fligh”. The website has photos, videos, theories, news articles and forums. The top story is “The People of Montego Flight 828: Before and after they were missing for 5 1/2 years.”

RONNIE: It’s an 828 Fan Site. There’s a bunch of ’em.

Ronnie scrolls down, and several photos of Ben have been posted onto the website.

RONNIE:  We should post a pic of us, all right, a little, uh, publicity for, you know, the company.

BEN: Yeah, I’d rather not.

Ronnie looks at some more photos of Ben.

RONNIE: Buzzkill.

Fire Alarm Goes Off


RONNIE: Seriously?

Ronnie steps out of his office and claps his hands twice.

RONNIE: All right, people, let’s go! Fire-drill protocol, find your exit routes, let’s keep it orderly. Come on.

Vance Shows Up


As Ben and other employees exit the building, a black man in casual clothes is tying his shoe on the sidewalk. It is Vance. He walks past Ben who follows him to the parking garage.

BEN: You pulled a fire alarm? What are y—

Vance throws Ben’s iPhone on the ground and stomps on it.

VANCE: Pulling a fire alarm would be visible and rudimentary. I caused the fire alarm to happen.

BEN: What are you doing here, Vance?

VANCE: I’m here because as it turns out we need each other.

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