Freedman Jumper (108.8)

Michaela arrives on the scene just below the spot where the man has positioned himself on top of a building. She identifies the man as Harvey, one of the 828 passengers.

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Arriving on the scene

A man stands on the top ledge of a building at Freedman College looking out over a neighborhood. Jared and Michaela get out of their undercover police car. 

BRANDIS: You’re Stone?

MICHAELA: Yeah. This is Detective Vasquez.

BRANDIS: Dave Brandis. how you doing? You recognize this guy?

He shows Michaela a photo of a man.

JARED: That’s our jumper?

Identifying the man

MICHAELA: That’s Harvey Stein. Yeah, I’ve met him a couple of times.

BRANDIS: Yeah, well, he’s a little bit troubled right now. I’m gonna take you two up there, okay?

MICHAELA: How long’s he been up there?

BRANDIS: Almost an hour. He picked a perfect spot above a slanted roof. There’s nowhere to put the airbag.

MICHAELA: Has anyone talked to the press? Do they know he’s Flight 828?

BRANDIS: No, I don’t think so.

MICHAELA: Okay, let’s keep it that way.

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One thought on “Freedman Jumper (108.8)

  1. anyone know where this building/scene is filmed… I think it’s in NYC… possibly brooklyn, but not sure where.
    Thanks in advance.

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