Face to face meeting (108.9)

Ben and Vance sit down and have another face to face meeting. Vance believes that Ben is on the right track. Needing him to decipher the raw data, he tells Ben that he respects him, and then gives him a special computer and phone.

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Vance believes Ben

Scene shifts to a neighborhood park. Ben and Vance are seated at a table. 

VANCE: I went to this farm of yours. If the passengers had been there, they’ve been moved, I presume to another facility.

BEN: So, what, you believe my crazy theories now?

VANCE: I believe you’re on the right track, yes.

BEN: So what happens now? Did you get a location?

Vance needs Ben

VANCE: The data on the flash drive is raw. Numbers, largely without context. Measurements of some kind. Nothing that remotely resembled an address. At least not to me.

BEN: And you really want my help?

VANCE: You were smart enough to steal this data. Maybe you’re smart enough to make sense of it.

Vance respects Ben

BEN: Wait, why should I trust you with all the interrogations, the surveillance—

VANCE: You’re right, I’ve been treating you with suspicion.

BEN: No, you’ve been treating us like enemies.

VANCE: I’ve been protecting my country. That’s my job. [PAUSE]  Mr. Stone, Ben, we’re not that different. I get what you’re doing. You’re putting yourself at risk to protect your loved ones. I respect it. If we’re gonna find these people, we’re gonna do it by working together.

Vance equips Ben

BEN: Well, you can start by giving the flash drive back.

Vance reaches into his bag.

VANCE: This is an air-gapped computer. I’ve loaded it with the flash-drive contents.

He also hands him a black clam-shell phone.

VANCE: This is your new phone. It’s encrypted, untraceable. My number’s in there. Call me when you’ve looked at the data.

BEN: I’ll think about it.

Ben gets up and leaves.

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