Manifest episode 8 recap: “Point of No Return”

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Episode 8 – Point of No Return

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 19, 2018 — Ben finds himself working with an unexpected partner to search for the missing Flight 828 passengers; Michaela fears for the lives of her loved ones after she has a mysterious calling; Cal returns to school. Go to Page

Episode 108 - Scene Thumbnails
"I Don't Want to Die" (108.1)
A New Normal (108.2)
SP Push (108.3)
Making Plans (108.4)
First Day of School (108.5)
"Don't Lose Him" (108.6)
Surprise! Surprise!  (108.7)
Freedman Jumper (108.8)
Face to face meeting (108.9)
Not Getting It (108.10)
Getting Close (108.11)
Michaela gets too Close (108.12)
Failed Call (108.13)
Family Matters (108.14)
Angel of Death (108.15)
School Lunch (108.16)
Point of No Return (108.17)
O'Ryan's Tavern (108.18)
Le Rouge (108.19)
Date Night (108.20)
Triangulation Order (108.21)
Michaela's Worry (108.22)
Down Power Line (108.23)
Ben Checks on Cal (108.24)
UDS Records Department (108.25)
Points of View (108.26)

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