NSA Interviews (109.1)

A flashback gives more detail about what it was like during the turbulence on Flight 828. After the landing, we hear more of the NSA interviews that were conducted by Director Vance. A new passenger, Autumn Cox, who has several warrants for her addressed, is taken into custody.

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Emergency path lights


Episode 9 starts with a flashback to NSA Director Vance  interviewing the passengers after the plane landed. Autumn, a passenger not seen before, describes what it was like on Flight 828 inside the plane’s cabin during the turbulence.

AUTUMN: It was awful. The whole plane was shaking. It felt like we were gonna crash. The emergency path lights came on, and then we landed.

Saanvi’s scientific mind

SAANVI: It makes no sense.

Ben’s concern for his son

VANCE: We’ll have to run some tests, to clear you to leave.

BEN: My son has leukemia. He’s not about to submit to testing of any kind.

Michaela’s love for Jared

MICHAELA: I need to make a call, okay? I need I need to call my boy my fiance.

VANCE: We’re releasing everyone tomorrow. We need the name of the person or persons you want to authorize to pick you up.

Autumn’s background

AUTUMN: uh, I don’t really have anyone. I’m kind of between “persons” right now. I’ll just get a cab or something.

While Autumn is speaking Vance is handed a report inside a folder which has her photo and other information about her. 

VANCE: Well, actually, Ms. Cox, it seems you have several outstanding warrants for your arrest.

VANCE: She’s all yours.

AUTUMN: No, y-you don’t understand. I didn’t do any of those things! Wait! Please let me explain!

Two security guards escort her away.


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One thought on “NSA Interviews (109.1)

  1. If Autumn had outstanding arrest warrants (plural), how did she get on a plane without being arrested in the first place? Okay. No problem. Everything about Flight 828 is a mystery.

    She was on a plane that went missing for 5 and a half years. She was declared dead at some point. Now that she’s alive again, she goes to jail? No justice. No peace.

    Vance gave Autumn a bum deal. He should have given her a free pass in the name of National Security. Unless she had committed some serious felonies. But then it’s back to, how did she get on the plane in the first place?

    Autumn may not have ‘done any of those things,’ but she’s definitely doing something underhanded now … snitching … for the bad guys. And does she really know who the bad guys are, do you Autumn?

    What about Tim PowellFiona Clarkethe Major?

    Of course, she doesn’t know. The only thing she really needs to know now is: “snitches end up in ditches.”

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