Separate Plans (109.10)

While Ben and Vance come up with a plan to enter the Red Hook facility, Grace proceeds with her plans of giving Ben a surprise barbecue. As guests start arriving, she tries to Call Ben, but can’t reach him.

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Ben’s rendezvous

Scene shifts to 

SAANVI: Is Cal okay?

BEN: For now. Enough proof?

VANCE: I will assemble a tactical team.

BEN: Good. I’ll meet you on site.

VANCE: No, not you. Look. I was military, but I am gonna be standing behind a tactical unit. There’s no way I’m bringing in civilians.

BEN: No, no, if I’m not there, how will you know if the mission is affecting us, affecting my son? I’m not gonna get in the way, but I’m coming.

FIONA: So am I. If they’re using my research, you’re gonna need me.

VANCE: I’ll meet you in ninety minutes. Turn off your cellphones. Leave them here. All communications is through the burners I gave you. They cannot know we’re coming. I’ll text you the rendezvous point.

Grace’s barbecue

Scene shifts to the kitchen at the Stone house.

GRACE: So make sure you give it a really good toss ’cause the olive oil’s kind of settling on the bottom there. Okay.

OLIVE: Oh, I will get the door. Please call Dad and make sure he’s getting home from work.

GRACE: Yes. Your dad.

OLIVE: Cal! People are here! Please come down!

VOICE MESSAGE: You’ve reached Ben Stone. Please leave a message.

GRACE: Hey, babe. Are you on your way home? Call me.


GRACE: Hey! Hi!

GUEST: Oh, how’s it going?

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