Jared’s Cares (109.11)

Jared wants to help Michaela, but she tells him it is not his fight. Jared insists. When Vance tells her about the plan of attack, Michaela let’s Jared in.

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About the headache

Scene shifts to 129th precinct.


JARED: You okay? Yeah, it was nothing.

MICHAELA: It was just a headache.

JARED: That wasn’t just a headache, Mick. Let me help you.

MICHAELA: It’s not your fight, Jared.

About the phone

JARED: Where did you get that?

MICHAELA: NSA guy. Vance.

JARED: Vance, the guy who wanted me to spy on you.

MICHAELA: He’s on our side now.

JARED: So he says.

About the tactical team

MICHAELA: No, he’s risking everything to help us. He’s calling in a team.

JARED: So where do we meet him? If that guy’s gonna be there, you better believe I’m coming with you.

MICHAELA: I’ll tell Vance you’re joining. Warehouse in Red Hook. And next time I see your mom, remind me to ask her why her son is so damn stubborn.

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