Red Hook Surprises (109.13)

Vance with Armed men enter the Red Hook facility, but they find nothing. Cal then shows up at Red Hook and shows Ben his drawing, telling them exactly where to look. They find a hidden entrance. Cal tells Ben that his dad has to go with them, as he is the only one who can “see them.” Michaela tells Ben its a call.

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Tac unit’s stand down

Scene shifts to 


TAC UNIT: – Clear! – All clear! – No one here, sir! – All clear! –

VANCE: They’re gone. All of them.

MICHAELA: What the hell? –

TAC UNIT: stand down. All clear. No sign of anyone! Building’s secure!

Scene shifts to the Stone House.

OLIVE: Cal? Cal, Mom Mom needs us right now. Cal.

Scene shifts back to the Red Hook warehouse.

BEN: No. No, no, no. The missing passengers were here. All the data pointed to this location. The property records, the cellphone pings

MICHAELA: Ben, we looked everywhere. They’re not here.

JARED: Maybe somebody tipped them of.

VANCE: Well, maybe, they did. You know, these people are smart, but one false—

FIONA: Stop, everyone. This is getting us nowhere. We have to find these people.

BEN: Where do we look?  We have no idea where they went.

Cal’s stand out


CAL: Dad! They’re still here.


BEN: Cal, what are you doing here, where’s Mom?

CAL: I had to come. I left a note.

BEN: No, you cannot be here. This is crazy. How did you even –

CAL: I took a bus.

MICHAELA: No one knows where we are right now.

CAL: I knew. It’s like the subway tunnels, Dad.

BEN: Oh, my God. Cal, you’re burning up.

CAL: No, Dad. You don’t understand. I’m supposed to help you find them. They’re right here. Cal, we turned the warehouse upside down.

BEN: They’re not in there.

CAL: They’re right here!

Cal points to a blood stain on his drawing.

BEN: Check between those trees.

VANCE: Seriously? I followed a headache I may as well follow a crayon drawing.

BEN: Come on. We got to get you home. No.

CAL: You have to help them.

BEN: There’s a whole team here, Cal. Come on.

VANCE: They found something!

Michaela’s stand by

CAL: You have to go, Dad. You’re the only one that can see them!

MICHAELA: Ben, it’s a calling.

BEN: “Who can see them”? What do you mean, buddy?

CAL: I don’t know. All I know is that you have to go! Go.

MICHAELA: I’ll take him home.

CAL: No, I’m waiting for Dad. Hurry!

MICHAELA: I’ll keep him safe in the car. Come on.

FIONA: Come on. Let’s go!

BEN: Keep him safe! Call Grace!

As Ben heads into opening, he receives a flash light.

BEN: Thanks.

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