Cal’s Note (109.14)

Olive shows a note from Cal that says, “Sorry I had to leave Dad need me.”

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Scene shifts to the Stone’s house

OLIVE: Mom, where’s Dad?

GRACE: Honey, I don’t want you to worry about your dad.
I don’t care what those people say.

OLIVE: No, Mom, I’m not worried about Dad, okay? I’m worried about Cal.
He’s gone.

Grace reads a handwritten note from Cal which states, “Sorry I had to leave Dad needs me”.

GRACE: Oh, my God.

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One thought on “Cal’s Note (109.14)

  1. “Oh, my God,” indeed, Grace. Cal leaves a note, which reads: “Sorry I had to leave Dad needed me.” And Grace never stopped once to ask herself … WTH? … what’s going on with Cal?

    She didn’t think Ben contacted Cal by phone saying, “get down her son, I need you, I’ve nothing better to do than jeopardize your life.” Or did she? Really?

    Even more puzzling, she also never asked Cal, “how did you do where your Dad was … and why do you think he needed you?”

    And more importantly, she didn’t ask, “Cal, how did you get there?” For a mother who said she’s terrified for her son’s safety, and no one’s going to take him away from her, she doesn’t behave like Cal’s safety is her number one priority.

    Instead, she blames Ben for putting Cal’s life at risk. If Cal decides to runaway from home again, and leave a note. No problem. Grace will blame Ben.

    But that’s Grace, Ben’s to blame for everything. If it wasn’t for him, her life would be perfect.

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