Rescue of the Captives (109.15)

Vance and his team search the tunnels under Red Hook and when they encounter someone, the shooting starts. Laurence and his team of scientists are forced to neutralize the lab. Dr. Fiona hits the wall really hard after sparks fly from some equipment. Ben and the others start freeing the passengers. Dr. Fiona gets back up, all the while shooting continues. Vance catches up with Laurence.

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Searching the tunnels


Scene shifts to the tunnels under the Red Hook warehouse.

JARED: What is this place?

VANCE: Definitely wasn’t on any map, but it looks like an old coal cellar. There’s a whole system of tunnels down here.

Ben and Fiona catch up to them.

BEN: Vance!

VANCE: I told you two to hang back. This is dangerous. I don’t—


Shooting their way in


Someone walks out the laboratory door.

VANCE: NSA, drop your weapon! Drop it!

Machine guns start shooting. Scene shifts to inside the laboratory. 

LAURENCE: Get the files! Everything you can carry! Erasure protocol! Neutralize. Do it! We can’t leave any evidence behind!

Both Ben and Michaela experience pain as the machines are revved up. Shooting everywhere continues.

TAC UNIT:  Spread out!  Move, move, move!

Background to the sounds of firearms

If your only experience with firearms is watching popular entertainment, or plinking with BBs or .22s at summer camp, you probably don’t appreciate just how LOUD full-power rifles and handguns are. We’re talking 150-170 dB–in comparison, a police siren is 120 dB, and a jackhammer is “only” 90. (And remember, it’s a logarithmic scale: every 10 dB represents a doubling of the sound energy.) That’s why people on shooting ranges wear hearing protection–even on outdoor shooting ranges where the sound is going off in all directions. In a confined space with hard stone and brick walls that reflect sound back in on you, the wallop to your eardrums is much worse. Anyone who got out alive after the gunfight is going to be having tinnitus for a while, and anyone who also got caught in the underground blast, such as Jared, could easily need to be fitted for a hearing aid.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

Saving the passengers


Jared and Vance enter the laboratory.

VANCE: My God!

PASSENGER: Make it stop, please!

Fiona touches one of the counsels, and receives a shock sending her back against a wall.

BEN: We got to get them out of here now!

Outside the laboratory

TAC UNIT: Freeze!

Inside the laboratory, a soldier helps Fiona up.

TAC UNIT: You okay?

FIONA: Detach the leads!

Stopping Belson


Ben continues to suffer from pain while detaching the leads from patients. All the while shooting continues outside the laboratory. 

VANCE: Belson! Stop!

LAURENCE: You’re way out of your depth, Director.

VANCE: Who you working for? Who has the funding to get all this up and running and keep it all under wraps?

LAURENCE: You clearly have no idea who you’re interfering with.

When Belson reaches his hand toward his gun, Jared punches him.

JARED: Neither do you.

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