Follow the Lights! (109.16)

Ben and the other continue to free the missing passengers. Fire consumes the lab. While they are in the dark tunnels, Ben sees lights on the ground which no one else can see.

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The tactical unit’s way out

Some patients are led out of the laboratory which is now in a blaze of fire, while Ben and Fiona are still inside disconnecting the patients from the electromagnetic machines. Oxygen tanks are everywhere in midst of the flames.  

TAC UNIT: This way! Follow me!

Fiona grabs some papers and is the last person to leave the lab, as fire spreads everywhere surrounding the oxygen tanks. 

TAC UNIT: Which way?

Ben’s seeing the path lights


Ben and Fiona look around not sure which way to take, when Ben sees two strips of lights on the ground resembling the floor proximity markings of emergency escape path lights inside an airline cabin.

BEN: Lights. Follow Follow the lights. To the right.

FIONA:  What lights?

BEN: You don’t see path lights?

FIONA: No. Oh, my God. Cal said you’d be the only one to see them. He meant the lights.

BEN: Let’s go. Yeah.

Jared’s going in circles

As patients make their way out of the tunnel,  inside the laboratory flames continue to heat the oxygen tanks. Still inside the tunnel are Vance and Jared with Laurence and others in custody. 

JARED: I think we’re going in circles. Which way?

VANCE: Let’s try the left.

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