Red Hook Explosion (109.17)

While Jared and Vance are lost in the tunnels, Ben and Fiona makes his way out. Fiona leaves in a van with the passengers. After Ben checks on Cal, and then is talking to Michaela, a large explosion sends everyone to the ground. Michaela goes into tunnel to look for Jared, as Ben takes Cal home. Michaela finds Jared unconscious.

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Fiona in the clear

Scene shifts to outside the tunnels. The passengers are being loaded into a vehicle.

TAC UNIT: You getting in?

BEN: No, I can’t.

FIONA: I found a remote property. I’m going to take them there. They’ll be safe with me.

BEN: Be careful.

FIONA: Yeah.

TAC UNIT: We’re clear.

Ben and Michaela in the explosion


Ben returns to the car where Ben and Michaela are waiting.

BEN: You okay?

MICHAELA: Where’s Jared and Vance?

BEN: They went to get Laurence with a couple of Vance’s guys.

MICHAELA: Take Cal home. I’m gonna go check.

When Michaela hears an explosion from inside the tunnels, she runs to the entrance.


BEN: Mick!

Another larger explosion sends Michaela through the air. She hits the ground. 


Peacock in Ben’s head


Ben who was also thrown, lays on the ground, coughing and mumbling.

BEN: Cal. Cal.

He sees a peacock spread its feathers before disappearing. 

BEN: Cal! Cal. Cal! Cal! Cal.

Cal in the car

He opens the car door to find Cal largely untouched by the explosion.

BEN: Are you okay?

CAL: I’m fine, Dad

He then sees Michaela on the ground, and runs toward her.

BEN: Mick! Mick.

He helps her on her feet.

BEN: There’s tunnels under the whole area. It’s unstable. Come on. Okay? Hey. We got to go, okay? We got to go! Come on.

MICHAELA: No. Take Cal and go.

Michaela heads toward the tunnel entrance in search of Jared:

BEN: It’s unsafe! Mick, get in the car!

MICHAELA: Jared’s still down there, Ben! Jared is still down there! I’m not leaving him! Just take Cal! Go! Go!

Ben closes the back door of the car, and hops into the front seat, and drives away.

Jared in the tunnel

The scene then shifts to inside the tunnel where Michaela is searching for Jared. After finding Laurence’s body, she sees Jared’s, and runs toward him.   

MICHAELA: Jared! Jared! No, no. Come on. Come on, Jared. Come on. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Come on. Please. Please, please, please, please. Somebody help me! Help me! Jared. Please don’t do this. No, no, no, no. Jared.


Background to explosions

Explosions can kill you in one of two ways: either

Overpressures of as little as 2 pounds per square inch can cause injury.  4 psi will injure you, and easily could kill you.  An explosion in a confined space will create more overpressure than one in open air because the energy of the blast has less room to spread out and dissipate…

On the other hand, as Mythbusters once demonstrated, putting something solid between you and the oncoming shock wave, even something as light as a wooden table, can save your life by deflecting that overpressure away.

In a complex maze such as our heroes were stumbling through, these effects would both be in play.  The blast wave would be focused and intensified in some places, and directed away from others.  Jared may have survived because he just happened to be behind a wall that deflected some of the blast, while someone a few feet away and around the corner from him didn’t because he caught the full wallop.

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