Just Stay Away! (109.18)

When Ben brings Cal home, Grace is upset. Although Ben says Cal is fine. She says he’s not. She then tells Ben to stay away.

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The Drive Up

Scene shifts to front of Stone house where Grace sees Ben pull the car into the driveway.

GRACE: Oh, my God. Cal.

BEN: Grace, he’s okay.

GRACE: You can’t do that. You can’t leave like that.

BEN: He’s fine.

The Drive Away


GRACE: He is not fine. Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up, okay?

BEN: Grace.

When Ben reaches his arm toward his wife, Grace pushes him away.

GRACE: Just stay away.

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One thought on “Just Stay Away! (109.18)

  1. The problem lies in Grace’s attitude. Things go wrong starting with Cal’s illness, then 5 1/2 years, then post 828 and onward. Of course it is difficult. But plenty of people have bad and evil events in their lives: hospitals, undertakers, divorce courts and the jailhouse are full of people with such experiences. And they don’t have a Ben working his sox off to get rid of their problems!
    Her happiness lies in whatever makes her happy, such as Ben fixing their finances; Danny snorkeling, using the Crusader for a honk now and then, taking Olive off her hands. And of course, no Cal or Ben to worry about.

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