Just Stay Away! (109.18)

When Ben brings Cal home, Grace is upset. Although Ben says Cal is fine. She says he’s not. She then tells Ben to stay away.

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The Drive Up

Scene shifts to front of Stone house where Grace sees Ben pull the car into the driveway.

GRACE: Oh, my God. Cal.

BEN: Grace, he’s okay.

GRACE: You can’t do that. You can’t leave like that.

BEN: He’s fine.

The Drive Away


GRACE: He is not fine. Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up, okay?

BEN: Grace.

When Ben reaches his arm toward his wife, Grace pushes him away.

GRACE: Just stay away.

Grace Calls the Shots

Although Ben is the declared Man of the House, it is Grace who calls the shots. She decides when Cal should be home and if he should be at all involved with the case of the missing plane. She also decides if it is Ben or Danny who should be in the house, and we have seen the two men switching in and out of her life either by fate or by her sheer will. She is almost aware that she is a mother and she does not step back from practicing the authority that the role brings in with it upon her children. She refused to let go of Cal with Ben in spite of knowing that they share the same trauma, and maybe she will also take the call if the divorce papers will be signed at all.

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3 thoughts on “Just Stay Away! (109.18)

  1. I don’t particularly like Grace’s character, but with a show like this, we could all be loving her next week. I am excited to see what’s next.

  2. Grace’s behavior toward Cal’s biological father makes no motherly sense.

    Either she trusts Ben to ensure his own son’s safety or she doesn’t. If she doesn’t trust him, there’s no way she will ever again allow him to become the man of the house, period.

    Yes, she blamed Ben for taking Cal from her when she thought the two had died in a plane crash. But Cal’s alive and so is Ben.

    Ben staying away is not the solution to Grace’s family problems. If anything, Ben staying away will significantly add to the manifestation of the Stone family’s problems.

    Grace’s solution to problem solving is to ask no questions and ignore all answers. (It is possible that Grace, in large part, subconsciously resents Ben because he’s now 5 1/2-years younger than her).

  3. The problem lies in Grace’s attitude. Things go wrong starting with Cal’s illness, then 5 1/2 years, then post 828 and onward. Of course it is difficult. But plenty of people have bad and evil events in their lives: hospitals, undertakers, divorce courts and the jailhouse are full of people with such experiences. And they don’t have a Ben working his sox off to get rid of their problems!
    Her happiness lies in whatever makes her happy, such as Ben fixing their finances; Danny snorkeling, using the Crusader for a honk now and then, taking Olive off her hands. And of course, no Cal or Ben to worry about.

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