At Vance’s House (109.2)

Ben wants to free the missing passengers at Red Hook, but Vance says more time is needed. He tells Ben to go home (it’s a Saturday) and spend time with his family.

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Ben wants to act now

Scene shifts to Vance’s office in his house.

VANCE:  The detainees are likely being held in this warehouse, built before the Civil War, used for storage. Perimeter has some security, but I – Why are you leaving? –

BEN: No, why aren’t you leaving? We have an address. We know where the missing passengers are. We have to get them—

Vance needs more info

VANCE: Whoa. You people rushed in there at the farm, and the detainees were disappeared. May I suggest we take a beat to do this the right way? Starting with Laurence Belson, face of the Singularity Project. We have an office address, e-mail that’s it. We need more.

MICHAELA: I’ll go into work, see what I can dig up.

VANCE: Hey. Take this burner. Let me know what you find.

Ben told to relax


BEN: What can I do?

VANCE: It’s Saturday. Go home. Be with your family. Anything comes up, I’ll contact you on your burner.

BEN: What, so I’m supposed to just wait?


BEN: Those experiments can start up at any moment.

VANCE: You are a piece of work. It is my job to make sure this mission is successful. I assure you I will go in the second I can do it cleanly without tipping them off that we’re coming again and without loss of life.

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