It’s All about Cal (109.20)

Grace is upset. She has had enough of Ben. When Ben tries to tell her he can’t lose Cal, she tells him she had already once, and will not lose him again. She knows what it is like to have him die!  When Ben tells her all he was trying to do was keep Cal safe, she tells him that their relationship is not right any more. When Ben tells her that he needs to take Cal with him, Grace will not let him take him away from her.

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Ben’s view

Scene shifts to the backyard deck of the stone house.


BEN: I know this all sounds crazy

GRACE: No, not crazy. Horrifying. There were assault weapons and explosions?!  What were you thinking? –

BEN: I didn’t bring him, Grace. I was shocked when he showed up.

GRACE: Then why didn’t you bring him home immediately? He could’ve been killed, Ben.

BEN: You don’t understand. You weren’t on the plane. But you have to trust me. Everything I am doing is to protect Cal. After all we went through with his cancer, I can’t—

Grace’s view


GRACE: You can’t what? You can’t lose him? 760—that’s how many days I watched cancer consume my little boy. Eight months—that’s how long it took me to file the death certificate after the plane disappeared. 1,430—you know what that was? The cost of my son’s gravestone.

BEN: Grace.

GRACE: So please don’t ever tell me that I don’t understand, because you don’t know what it’s like to have your child die.

BEN: You’re right. I am sorry. But don’t you want me to do whatever it takes to keep our son safe?

GRACE: Is that what you call what happened this afternoon? Keeping him safe?

Olive’s view


Olive stops short of going out onto the backyard deck when she sees her mom and dad talking. She stands around the corner and listens.

GRACE: I thought I could just ignore the last five years of my life, that we could just start over right where we left off, because you were the same even if I wasn’t. You’re not the same. I just I don’t know you. And I don’t I don’t think this is right anymore.

Ben takes a deep breadth, and wipes away tears. 

BEN: You’re right. I can’t give you what you need right now, what you deserve. I’ll go. But I need to take Cal with me.

GRACE: How could you even suggest that?

Olive runs back into the house.

BEN: I am the only one who can keep him safe right now.

GRACE: I mourned my son for five years. I will never, never let anyone take him away from me, not ever again. You should go.


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2 thoughts on “It’s All about Cal (109.20)

  1. Knowingly or not, Ben handles relationships with Grace in a responsible manner. In this last event, he sees he cannot deal with an hysterical woman. He cannot jerk his son by the arm. He cannot do the same with Olive. Demonstrating a very controlled mind, one can see how his background is mathematics.

    But Olive overhears the conversation, and it may continue to change her mind about her Dad. Cal of course knows that his Dad isn’t nuts. We’ll see what happens when Dandy Danny finds more trouble with Olive, or doesn’t know how to deal with Cal yelling in some foreign language while in the hospital. If Dandy cannot bring sweetness and light to Grace, he is going to find that she is no picnic and may drop kick her through the goalposts of life.

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