Stay with Me (109.21)

When Jared wakes up, Michaela says she will get Lourdes, but Jared says, “Stay with me.” This begins a montage where Ben hugs Olive, and says goodbye to Cal who gives his dad his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon.

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Michaela and Jared

Scene shifts to hospital where Jared wakes up. 


MICHAELA: Jared. Jared.


MICHAELA: Thank you, thank you, thank you.


MICHAELA: Hi. Hi. Hi. Lourdes is on her way. I’ll go. I’ll go get her.

JARED: No, no, please. Stay with me.



🎵 There’s a hole in the drywall, still not fixed 🎵
🎵 I just haven’t gotten around to it 🎵

Michaela and Jared: Looking Ahead

The promo they ran at the end of the episode suggests that Michaela and Jared will be getting back together. The first few episodes established that Michaela accepts the fact of Jared and Lourdes being married, even though she doesn’t like it and still has feelings for him. Is it believable that she might change her mind, and make an attempt to win him back? Sure–but if that happens, please, showrunners, don’t make it a calling. Up to this point, the callings have been portrayed as, well, not quite God, per se, but certainly a benevolent force with good intentions. Does it make sense that an entity like that would call Michaela to be a homewrecker? To her own best friend, no less?

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

Ben and his family

Scene shifts to Stone house


🎵 And besides I’m starting to get used to the gaps 🎵

Ben hugs Olive as Graces stands by; Ben then says goodbye to Cal.

🎵 When I turn out the lights? 🎵
🎵 When I turn out the lights? 🎵

Cal gives his dad his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon, before running up the stairs. Ben then looks at Grace before leaving out the front door.

🎵 There’s no one left 🎵

We see a scene of the New York city skyline, and the George Washington Bridge.

🎵 Between myself and me 🎵


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  1. I feel bad for his wife. She’s really nice and doesn’t deserve to be cheated on. It looks like things are headed that way. 😥

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