Calling Connection (109.22)

Ben and Michaela while in the boiler room remember Vance. Michaela thinks he died because Ben told him about the callings. She says the only reason Jared did not die, is that she talked back to the callings. Ben tells her that we don’t have control. No magic or prayer or callings can make it better.

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Michaela’s worry

Scene shifts to the boiler room.

MICHAELA: Thought I might find you here.

BEN: Nowhere else to go.

MICHAELA: We’ll find a place. It’s awful about Vance.

BEN: You know, I read something online. It said his friends called him “Bobby.”

MICHAELA: Bobby. That does not suit him at all.

BEN: It sounds like Jared’s through the woods, though, right?

MICHAELA: I don’t know.

BEN: He knows about the calling, so You don’t still believe that telling people about the callings is getting them killed?

MICHAELA: You told Vance, and—

BEN: There was an explosion. It was an accident. And Vance wasn’t the only one that knew about the callings down there. Jared did, too. He didn’t die.

MICHAELA: It’s because—

BEN: Because what?

Vance may not really be dead

There was absolutely no need to mention Vance’s nickname unless it was to be an indication that he is maintaining two identities. As Bobby, Vance has managed to go undercover and work on the project secretly so that the UDS is unable to track him down if anything goes wrong. The name “Bobby” is not registered anywhere, and he can easily feign any identity based on the circumstance. We guess that Vance already knows of Fiona’s plans to bring out the passengers and he will use his other identity to create a trap which will help Ben and the others to track down the missing passengers, once again.

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Michaela’s “prayer”


MICHAELA: The callings talk to us, Ben. This time, I talked back. I asked the callings to save Jared.

BEN: How can you think, after everything that’s happened, that we have any control whatsoever over this thing?

MICHAELA: It worked. Jared’s gonna be okay, and that wasn’t at all certain last night.

BEN: People get better, Mick, through no magic, no prayer or whatever you want to call it, no callings. They just get better.

MICHAELA: You can deny it all you want, Ben, but don’t forget that you told Grace, and if she had been the one in the ICU, you would’ve been on your knees just like I was.

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