Now What? (109.23)

Saanvi and Autumn show up. After Saanvi leaves for work, Autumn apologizes but Michaela says what happened was not her fault. When Ben and Michaela leave, Autumn writes text message, “Now what?”  A flash back reveals that she is working for Laurence who wanted to find out information about Ben.

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Autumn’s apology

Saanvi and Autumn show up at the boiler room.  

AUTUMN: I’m so sorry about your friend Vance. I never should’ve come here.

MICHAELA: None of this is your fault. Everything you’ve done to help so far has brought the whole thing to an end.

SAANVI: I have to go to work. You gonna be okay?

AUTUMN: I’ll be fine. Thank you.

Saanvi exits.

Autumn’s thank you

AUTUMN: You guys saved my life.

BEN: We saw the lab, what you went through. But it’s gone. You’re safe. You’re one of us.

MICHAELA: Are you okay? Are you hungry? We’ll get you something.

AUTUMN: You guys are gonna get so sick of me saying this, but thank you.

Autumn’s text message


When Ben and Michaela leave, Autumn sends a text message, “Now what?”


LAURENCE: Just get him to trust you. Be specific, but nothing useful. According to your criminal record, this is your thing, right? Find out why he’s looking into us, what he knows, and who he’s working with. Is that perfectly clear?

He shows Autumn a picture of Ben.

AUTUMN: Yeah. I got it.

Autumn opens the door of a van and steps out onto the sidewalk not far from the Stone house and begins walking up the sidewalk where Ben sees her. 

BEN: Hey, buddy, wanna take a break?

CAL: Can I have screen time?

BEN: Yeah, sure.


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