Family Time (109.3)

Grace plans a surprise barbecue for Ben later that afternoon. When Ben arrives home from his “errands”, Grace has her own errands to run. While Ben plays basketball with Cal in the front yard, a despondent Autumn Cox approaches Ben on the sidewalk.

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Grace’s surprise for Ben


Scene shifts to the Stone house where Grace is baking cookies.  

GRACE: This is top secret, got it?

CAL: Got it.

GRACE: Are you sure? Because this is very serious business, – and I’m counting on you.

CAL: Got it.

Olive enters kitchen.

OLIVE: What are you two whispering about?

GRACE: Well your dad’s been working so hard, and he hasn’t really caught up with his friends since he’s been back, so I decided to throw him a last-minute surprise backyard barbecue today.

CAL: And you and I have to keep Dad out of the house until 4:30.

OLIVE: Ah. Sneaky. I like it.

GRACE: Yeah?

Ben’s new phone

Ben who just arrived back home enters the kitchen.

GRACE: Hi! You were out early.

BEN: I had to get a new phone. I dropped mine. Same number, no bigs.

He kisses Grace on the forehead.

OLIVE: So, uh, Dad, Cal wants to go laser tagging this afternoon. Can you take us?

BEN: Yeah. Yeah, but I’m playing.

Ben’s phone rings.

GRACE: What’s up?

BEN: Uh, it’s work looking for me.

GRACE: Oh, no. Don’t tell me they’re gonna make you come in on the weekend.

BEN: Not if I don’t answer.

GRACE: I like your style.

Grace then looks at the children.

GRACE:  All right. I got errands. Kids, please take it easy on your old dad.

Ben kisses Grace on the side of the head.

OLIVE: Hey! All right, so, let’s head out in a bit. We have to be back around, like, 4:30. Avery’s picking me up.

BEN: Yeah, that should give me plenty of time to defeat you two.

Olive exits.

Cal’s basketball shots


Cal grabs a basketball. 

BEN: You gonna go shoot some hoops?

CAL: Tryouts on Monday. I thought maybe I’d—

BEN: Cal, why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve been warming you up all week.

CAL: You haven’t been around much.

BEN: Well, I-I’m here now.

Scene shifts to the driveway, where Cal shoots the basketball at the net.

CAL: Ah.

BEN: Closer. Caught some backboard.

CAL: You know that’s not the point of the game, right, Dad?

BEN: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

CAL: Some of the other kids trying out for the league have been playing for years.

BEN: Well, you’ve been a little busy. Traveling through space and time, kicking cancer’s butt. Let’s go.

Cal shoots again, and this time makes it.

CAL: Oh! – Yes!

BEN: LeBron better watch his back.

Autumn’s distraction

Ben notices a despondent woman walking up the sidewalk.

BEN: Hey, buddy, wanna take a break?

CAL: Can I have screen time?

BEN: Yeah, sure.

He walks toward the woman.

AUTUMN: Ben Stone? Please help me.

As she begins to fall, Ben catches her.

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