Autumn’s Story (109.4)

Autumn thanks Ben in his garage and tells him that she heard a voice in her head to find him. She tells him that she and the others were hooked up to monitors and drugged. She describes the dairy farm with the red door. Ben tells her she is safe now.

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The voice

Scene shifts to Ben’s garage.

AUTUMN: Thank you. I’m My name is Autumn. Autumn Cox.

BEN: From the plane, right? How did you find me?

AUTUMN: I heard your name. Like my own voice in my head. And somehow I knew instinctively how to get here. Is that crazy?

BEN: No, actually.

AUTUMN: It was like my subconscious was telling me that you could help.

The tests

BEN: Here. Maybe I can. Can you tell me what happened to you and the others?

AUTUMN: They kept us hooked up to monitors, took samples of our blood. They ran all kinds of tests on us.

BEN: Autumn, who are “they”?

AUTUMN: I don’t know. We were drugged most of the time. I finally managed to spit my pills out and escape when they brought us somewhere in a van.

The dairy farm

BEN: Do you know where the others are? I-I tried to remember everything I could. Um, there is a long road. And it’s rural. There’s no car noises. And it smelled like fertilizer. And a red door. I remember that.

BEN: The dairy farm.

AUTUMN: I think I could find my way back.

BEN: We already have. It was empty. Autumn, you said you escaped from a van. Do you know where it was going?

AUTUMN: No. Oh, God. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. No. It’s okay.

Autumn’s warrants

BEN: We just need to get you some help.

AUTUMN: Who are you calling?

BEN: My sister. She’s a cop.

AUTUMN: No! No! There were warrants out for my arrest when I got off the plane, but the police who took me from the hangar were the ones who turned me over to them.

BEN: No, it’s okay. Michaela’s one of us, a passenger, and so is the doctor I want you to see. I promise you it’s okay. We’re all in this together. You’re safe now.

Ben calls Michaela who is at work.

MICHAELA:  Hey. Good timing. I’ve got the warehouse plans.

BEN: And I’ve got a missing passenger. In my garage.


BEN: Autumn Cox. The one the prison system misplaced.

MICHAELA: Ben, you got to get her out of there. What if Laurence Belson comes looking for—take her to the boiler room.

BEN: Yeah, good call. I’ll have Saanvi and Fiona meet me there.

MICHAELA: Okay. Keep me posted.

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