Time Cut Short (109.5)

Ben tells Olive and Cal he has to go to work and cannot play laser tag. He tells them he will be back by 4:30. Before he leaves, he tells them that he loves them.

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Screen time

Scene shifts to the Stone’s living room. Cal and Olive are playing a video game.

CAL: Bad stuff is about to happen. I’m the commander now.

Home time

BEN: Uh, guys, I hate to do this, but something came up with work after all. I’m gonna have to postpone laser tag.

CAL: But you’ll be home by 4:30, right?

OLIVE: Yeah, Avery wants you to see his new car when he comes to pick me up.

BEN: I’ll do my best.

CAL: You gotta, Dad!

BEN: Okay. 4:30.

Bye time

BEN: I love you guys.

OLIVE: Love you, too, Dad.

CAL: Same.

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