Electrotherapy (109.7)

Fiona examines Autumn and tells Ben about her research. Saanvi tells her that her research was unethical. They discuss whether or not to tell Vance about everything, including the callings. Ben says its worth the risk.

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Fiona’s protocol

Scene shifts to the boiler room.

FIONA: My God. How awful. Hello, Autumn. I’m Fiona. I’m really sorry for everything you’ve been through, and I assure you we’re going to help the others.

SAANVI: We should get her some rest.

BEN: Are those burn marks part of your research protocol?

FIONA: Electrotherapy. To activate mirror neurons in the premotor cortex.

BEN: Meaning?

Saanvi’s criticism

SAANVI: Meaning that they need to get at something inside their heads, but instead of picking the lock, they are using dynamite to blast the door down. You had no idea what you were doing.

BEN: Oh, my God.

SAANVI: Your research is wildly unethical.

FIONA: It was theoretical. A way to increase human connection. I never intended for it to be used this way.

SAANVI: Then you shouldn’t have handed over your research. Neuroscience is an arms race. The government doesn’t care about who gets hurt as long as they get results.

BEN: Not the whole government.

Ben’s proof for Vance

FIONA: Vance. This is the proof he’s been waiting for.

BEN: We should bring him in.

SAANVI: No! He put Bethany in jail. If Autumn has a warrant out for her arrest, he’ll do the same. Do you really want him knowing about this place?

BEN: We need his help. Vance risked his career by trusting me. It’s time for us to trust him.

AUTUMN: It’s okay. I don’t want to go to jail, but you haven’t seen what they’re doing to us. I’ll do whatever I have to.

Scene shifts to the SP laboratory. The SP scientist/doctor is tending to five of the missing eleven passengers who are strapped down. Electric sensors are being connected to their foreheads as Laurence Belson watches.

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