Ben Tells All to Vance (109.8)

Ben takes Vance into the boiler room to show him Autumn. When Vance says the can’t move until he finds out more, Ben tells him about the callings, how some passengers know things that no one else knows, how they receive impulses. Autumn tells Vance more about the “treatments” she received.

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The experiments

Inside the boiler room, Vance sees the marks on Saanvi’s forehead.

VANCE: My God.

BEN: Laurence Belson and his people are using massive electrical currents to do experiments on their brains.

VANCE: Well, I understand interrogating them, but experimenting on them? Why? No, there’s something here that doesn’t add up, and I am not making a move until I figure out what it is.

BEN: Something happened on that plane. And some of the passengers know things that no one else knows.

The callings

VANCE: You’re gonna have to be a hell of a lot more specific.

BEN: I can’t, because I don’t understand it myself, but we receive messages. Impulses. It’s why we gathered before the plane blew up. How we found the Pyler sisters, exonerated Radd’s son. It’s how Autumn found me.

VANCE: How much does Laurence Belson know about this telepathy or whatever it is?

AUTUMN: The first few days, they just questioned us about the plane. And then some of us got this vision. We just knew we had to go to the plane, but they wouldn’t let us. The next day, they told us the plane had exploded. And then everything changed. They started these experiments. They called them treatments. Twice a day. And every day, they got more intense.

BEN: Are you satisfied? We have to go, now.

VANCE: Let me just wrap my head around this.

BEN: Jesus, Vance! Then stick your bureaucratic head back in the ground and pretend it’s not happening, because I am going in now, even if you’re not!

The effects on Cal


VANCE: These people are heavily armed. Why take that kind of risk?

BEN: Because my son my My son is channeling the pain from one of the missing passengers.

VANCE: How is that even possible?

SAANVI: How is any of this possible?

BEN: As soon as the experiments start, Cal will feel that torture. There is nothing I won’t do to protect my son. We have to go, now!

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