Red Hook Experiments (109.9)

Cal senses something is about to happen. Laurence is being told to proceed by an unidentified “Major” who tells him to double the charge. This time, not only does Cal experience pain, so does Ben, Michaela, Autumn and Saanvi.  Vance watches and says, “What the hell?” Meanwhile, Cal is drawing a picture of Red Hook as blood drips from his nose.

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Making the connection

Scene shifts to the laboratory where Marko Valeriev is hooked up to the machine…

CLINICIAN: We’re ready, sir.

…and shifts again to Cal’s bedroom where he has constructed a building with Lego blocks…

CAL: Oh, no.

then back to the laboratory where Laurence Belson is in front of a conference camera.

LAURENCE: Is everyone on?

INTERCOM: We’re here.

LAURENCE: You’re able to see all the subjects?

Behind Laurence the ten missing passengers (the eleventh, Autumn, is in the boiler room) are strapped onto examination table seats.

INTERCOM: We can see. The Major says proceed.

Base line 40% results

LAURENCE: Copy that. Okay, as you can see, we are officially up and running again and are now commencing Phase Two of the Mirror Factor test protocol. If everyone’s set, I’ll pass it over to you, Doctor.

SP DOCTOR: We had mild but noticeable sympathetic responses among some of the subjects with our initial testing on Subject 3, so we’ll now adjust up to a base line of 40% on Subject 3 only.


CLINICIAN: Marked pain response in Subjects 4 and 7, yet only Subject 3 is receiving stimulation.

SP DOCTOR: Adjust down base line to zero.

LAURENCE [to camera]: These are our most significant results yet.

INTERCOM: But only two others responded.

CLINICIAN: That appears to be correct.

Base line 80% results


INTERCOM: Can we try again with an increased charge? Double it, please.

SP DOCTOR: Our normal protocol is a six-hour downtime per charge. We don’t know how sequential testing cou—

LAURENCE: Let’s try. Go ahead. 80%.

Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom where Cal experiences pain.

CAL: Aah!

Scene shifts to 129th precinct where Michaela experiences pain.


Scene shifts to boiler room where Saanvi, Ben, Fiona and Autumn experience pain. 

VANCE: What the hell?!

AUTUMN: They’ve started up again!


Checking on Cal

VANCE: What the hell was that?!

FIONA: Was that what you felt at the lab?

BEN: If we felt it, I can only imagine what my son felt.

OLIVE: Hi, Dad.

BEN: Are you on your w – Is, uh, Cal okay?

OLIVE: Yeah, and so am I.

BEN: Can you check on Cal?

OLIVE: Sure.

Olive yells to Cal from outside his bedroom door.

OLIVE: Cal, are you okay?

CAL: I’m fine! –

OLIVE: He’s fine.

BEN: Can you make sure, please?

Without knocking, Olive opens Cal’s door. He is on floor drawing.

CAL: Do you mind? I’m busy.

OLIVE: He’s totally fine. Rude, but fine.

Scene ends with Cal coloring in his drawing of Red Hook as blood drips from his nose.

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  1. The suited scientist guy running the experiments…. he looks like an older version of the boy to me. Maybe nothing but ….

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