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Nov 28, 2018

The GATE: Entertainment Magazine recently conducted an interview with Actor Parveen Kaur in her Toronto home about Saanvi on Manifest, what it’s like playing her, and even what she’d like to see for the character. The youtube video was published on November 28, 2018. What follows is a quick outline with time references:

00:00  A dream come true for her…

“It is very surreal when you are walking down the street and you see your face on [a bus]…”

00:50 – First impressions of Saanvi 

How the pilot script for Saanvi was different than from the way they shot it. How Jeff Rake and the writers changed her lines the night before. The original story line was that someone stole something from her…a part of her identity and who she is as a person…it was her boss…the idea of his word over hers…

02:25 – Playing a doctor…pronouncing the hard words…medical consultants on the show…

03:05 – Saanvi’s resilience…most grounded character on the show

03:30 – Relationships on the show…How the shared trauma brings people very close…

05:00 – BENVI (Ben + Saanvi): What about the relationship between Ben and Saanvi? I personally…

07:30 – Manifest Episode 11:  Her thoughts having just completed shooting…the series’s mythology vs. family drama

08:55 – What has she and other cast members have been told will (or will not)  happen to their characters, and how it will personally affect Saanvi

09:35 – Her hope that the writers will delve in Saanvi’s personal side, outside of Cal and the hospital…

The GATE launched in 2001 and quickly developed a large and loyal following across Canada and around the world as a reputable, fun, and interesting source of entertainment, travel, and product news, reviews, and interviews.

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