Fiona and the Collective Consciousness

by Cathy Munson-Klein |
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Dec 1, 2018

Whatever experiment was done to the passengers while they were missing, it was based on Fiona’s work and done with her knowledge and consent. The experiment hasn’t only created the various forms of mind to mind communication that we’ve seen, such as the pain transference that starts when Marko is hit with electricity. It’s created a collective consciousness among the passengers, which is taking on more and more of a life of its own, and making more connections between them.

The collective consciousness may be able to function as a separate entity, which torched the plane, has a limited view into the future and the past, and can follow tendrils of consciousness from members of the collective to connect with others, in order to gain more information. The collective consciousness creates the callings and gives Cal his intuitions.

That would fit with the way mirror neurons have a domino effect in people, with each person’s actions and emotions stimulating the next person’s empathy and reactions. If there’s a collective consciousness that can jump through mirrored neurons, it can find out what’s happening in a large group of people, look through each mind for behavior patterns, and extrapolate potential scenarios. Then it can create the callings in the most receptive minds. Some particularly receptive minds are responding to the collective consciousness, even though they weren’t on the plane, like Jared, Olive and Vance. The white light outside of the plane may have been a manifestation of the collective consciousness that was being created by the minds of the passengers.

When we met Fiona, she was excited about the prospect of the collective consciousness, but I don’t think this is what she expected. She did have a purpose in mind for her research though, to counter an eventual attack by out of control artificial intelligence. (People with telepathy wouldn’t need to tip their hands to the computers by using technology to communicate.) So she may be more benign toward the passengers, or she may want to develop them into a private army.

But Fiona left herself out of the experiment, or it rejected her, so she has no direct idea of what’s happening. Explanations by informants and readings from machines aren’t going to cover the fullness of what’s happening to the group. They are creating a synergy that she won’t be able to keep up with, and neither will government agencies. However, the government can keep kidnapping arresting passengers and experimenting on them. It’s easy to drum up terrorism charges on someone who went missing for 5 1/2 years with no explanation.

Fiona was quick to jump into that van and appoint herself the rescuer of the prisoners. She picked the exact right moment to tell Ben that she was taking them away, when he was too distracted to question her decision to take the passengers and run someplace unknown. And the tactical team had no problem following her orders, which suggests to me that she’s more of a government insider than she wants us to believe.

I think Fiona will try to take Cal next, and might try to lure the others to her secret lab to convince them she’s on the up and up before she finds a way to directly experiment on them.

Or maybe the passengers will catch a break and she’ll be a good person, who’ll only do benign experiments to help them explore their new powers. I’m sure that’s what it says on the spa brochures.

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One thought on “Fiona and the Collective Consciousness

  1. “My current theory is that whatever experiment was done to the passengers while they were missing, it was based on Fiona’s work and done with her knowledge and consent.”

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Fiona Clarke is the master key to unlocking the door that’s hiding this multifaceted manifesting mystery.

    Fiona’s hands are dirty. They were dirty before she boarded Flight 828 in Jamaica. They were dirty during the flight. Her hands were dirty after she deplaned 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days later.

    And her hands continue to be dirty now.

    Not only are her hands dirty, they could also be bloody. She now has control of the rescued hostages. Belson is dead. Vance is presumed dead. She works for the bad guys.

    Unless Vance returns, there are no good guys left to stop whatever she has planned. Except for Ben, Mick, and Jared. And there are but mere pawns in her dangerous chess match.

    She told Ben that ‘they’ were trying to artificially replicate the callings. How did she know how the callings worked? Also, how did she know they could be artificially replicated … unless she knows more than she has revealed? She said that her collective consciousness research was theoretical.

    She has also allegedly only worked with lab rats. Unless her experimentally tortured lab rats had callings and talked to her about their callings, how would she know how the actual callings themselves functioned?

    She now knows about Cal. And yes, I believe she will come for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if her and Danny aren’t ex-lovers … or current lovers … or future lovers. Or involved in some kind of a weird love triangle.

    Perhaps the 10 passengers will catch a break with Fiona Clarke. But I wouldn’t count on it. Her hands are far too dirty, and maybe a little too bloody, for her to miraculously become an Angel of Mercy.

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