Is Fiona Playing Ben and the others?

by Cathy Munson-Klein |
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Dec 1, 2018

We learned a lot in this episode, especially about Fiona Clarke. She thinks quick in crisis. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. If she wants to, she can provide safe houses, and probably many other resources, for the passengers. She probably isn’t as outraged about the way her research is being used as she should be, if Saanvi’s reaction to Autumn’s injuries is anything to go by.

And she’s very, very willing to take sole responsibility for 10 fugitives who have been declared dead or missing, are severely injured, have no other friends or relatives to miss them, and who have developed psychic abilities from experiments based on her work.

Did she ask Saanvi to meet them at the safe house to provide medical care for the passengers? No. Did she tell Ben she’d text him the location of the safe house? No. Did she grab a big stack of the paperwork that was still in the lab? Yes.

I believe that Fiona has been playing the other passengers from the beginning. Either she was working with the Singularity Project or she was working for another government faction (DARPA), but took advantage of Ben and Vance’s raid on the secret experimental site to screw the government agencies over and kidnap the test subjects. She intends to continue her work on her own terms, completely off the radar. Or, she just helped DARPA steal the experiments from the CIA, because DARPA offered her better terms.

How do I know all of this?

Look at the photo above. This photo is from when the voltage on Marko was turned up to 80%, on the mysterious Major’s order, and EVERY PASSENGER, ALL OVER THE CITY, FELT IT— BUT FIONA WASN’T AFFECTED AT ALL.

I don’t know if she’s behind the time jump. It’s still not clear how or if that’s connected to the telepathy or if they’re two separate events. But she had something done to everyone on that plane, in order to activate their latent telepathic abilities, and she had herself shielded from it.

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