The Implications of Fiona’s Experiments

by Cathy Munson-Klein |
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Dec 1, 2018

The experiments in Red Hook were specifically inducing pain, not any other form of telepathy. Just like torture does. They were testing to see how efficiently they could spread pain and control a population. The torturers can send most of the subjects out into the field on an assignment, but keep one subject behind (Marko). Then they can use Marko as if he’s a shock collar, by sending jolts of pain through him to the rest, to force their compliance. This is a very efficient and effective way to enslave people. It can be done in secret, with no visible results from restraints or punishments.

This is ultimate control, with no need for anklets, cattle prods, or shock collars, and no way to remove the torture device and escape.  As long as someone has Marko, they have control of the other ten missing passengers, Saanvi, Cal, Ben and Michaela, at a minimum. Possibly they have control of all 190 passengers, minus Fiona. Fiona currently has Marko. She’s in control and we don’t know where she is.

We don’t know how far the signal travels. And we don’t know Fiona’s true intentions. But we know she grabbed the passengers and the files, and ran. We know that Saanvi disagreed with her methods, strongly, and Fiona’s defense was that it was theoretical. Previously, she said that she’d experimented on rats. Which was it?

I find Vance disingenuous when he can’t understand why a government agency would do unethical experiments on humans, but I will blame the writers and not the character. If his statement were true, he’d have lived a mighty sheltered life.

Torture methods are developed through experimentation. Unethical human experimentation has been done in this country since forever, particularly on minorities and particularly by government agencies. The CIA has a history of calling torture experimentation. MKUltra and many other unethical experimental government programs are widely known in the general population. If spies and security agents don’t know about at least the most famous cases, then I have to wonder how they ended up working in law enforcement, with so little interest in True Crime.

But, what was the purpose of this experimentation? What assignments does the Major have in mind that will require torture levels of motivation? Or is this experimentation meant for eventual use on enemy captives, to get them to cooperate with the US purposes for them?

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