Hidden Clue in Turbulence Flashback of Manifest Episode 9 “Dead Reckoning”

by Cathy Munson-Klein | Manifest828.com
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Dec 1, 2018

There’s an odd little twist in the opening flashback, which is meant to introduce us to the passenger of the week, Autumn Cox, a con artist who was detained at the airport because of outstanding warrants, but who never made it before a judge. Instead, she became one of the missing 11 passengers.

During the initial post-landing interrogations, Autumn tells Vance about the turbulence. We see the scene on the plane (flashback within a flashback) from a new angle, since Autumn’s seat was at the back of the plane. Saanvi’s laptop falls and breaks. Bethany lurches through the aisle. The emergency path lights that line the aisle in the floor are on, and the cabin lights go out for a few seconds, so that the path lights are the only thing that can be seen. When the lights come back on, Bethany is no longer in the aisle.

(If you look closely, she’s actually missing while the lights are out. There’s also a passenger on the floor who’s gone, but he’s next to the seats he’s meant to sit in, so I’ll concede he could have pulled himself into one.)

As part of the airport interrogation, Saanvi says, “It makes no sense.”

And it doesn’t. If Bethany couldn’t make it back to her own seat when the lights were on, she certainly couldn’t do it when the lights were off. Saanvi is theoretically responding to something else, but the writer/director will use this technique at least one more time this episode, so I think we’re meant to notice.

The turbulence has always been at the top of the list for when the time travel or whatever occurred. Now we have evidence that something happened at that point. The turbulence was meant to get everyone in their seats, so they could be rendered unconscious and removed. Then they were returned to the plane in an unconscious state, and woken at the right moment. Bethany probably got close enough to her seat to assume she’d already made it into the seat when she woke up there.

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