“Turn Out the Lights”: Ep 9 Montage

by Cathy Munson-Klein | Metawitches.com
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Dec 1, 2018

The montage for episode 9. Julien Baker’s “Turn Out the Lights” plays over the scene of Ben saying goodbye to the kids and leaving home. He hugs Olive, then she runs upstairs. Ben and Cal do this man to man thing, where they look each other in the eye, silently communicate, then nod their heads at each other in understanding. Ben caresses the side of Cal’s head with his hand. You can see how deep and unique their bond is. As Ben prepares to walk out the front door, Cal slides Art the Dragon under his arm, to help keep him safe.

Grace stands in the kitchen, looking all teary eyed and tragic, and watches the rest of her family be torn apart because of her.

Ben takes one last look at Grace, who doesn’t react, then he leaves.

Josh Dallas and Jack Messina earned their keep again in this scene. They had entire meaningful conversations using only subtle facial expressions and a few gestures. Their chemistry is amazing. It’s hard to believe Jack Messina is only 10 years old. He channels some very mature emotions as Cal.

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