What’s wrong with Grace?

by Cathy Munson-Klein | Metawitches.com
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Dec 1, 2018

I think the question we’re all asking now is, “What’s Grace’s medication situation?” Her grip on reality has been tenuous since the plane went missing, and now she flat-out refuses to accept it. She’s living in a world she’s constructed around herself, and even looking at her twins everyday, who appear to now be 5 years apart in age, doesn’t break through to her.

If you read through Grace’s arguments, they are consistently centered on herself. She’s worried about Cal’s safety so that she doesn’t have to suffer through losing him again, not for his own sake. She’s not concerned about Olive at all. She shows no concern for her husband, the father of her children, the man she spent 15 years with, who at least deserves to be treated like a friend, if only for her children’s sake.

She has built a fragile mental construction that allows her to be right and Ben to be wrong, all the time. If she allows reality in, her house of cards collapses. Given how submissive Ben is to her neediness, it seems as though him propping her up emotionally was always a component of their relationship, until Cal got sick.

She knows to the day how many days Ben paid more attention to Cal than her, and just how long she had to spend putting Cal’s needs before her own. Then, when they disappeared, she had no one to prop up her fragile ego, so she found Danny, who lied to her to make her feel good. Turns out lies are even better than honesty for building a shell of delusion around yourself.

When Ben and Cal came back, they ruined the supposedly perfect life Grace had rebuilt, with no sick child or distracted husband involved. She couldn’t resent Cal, who she’d idealized into her lost angel, so Ben gets all the blame. With Saanvi’s cure for Cal, Grace sees a new chance at a perfect life. She just has to keep Cal and get rid of Ben.

If she really was focussed on Cal and his needs, she would be wanting more information from Ben, trying to understand what happened to the plane and passengers and what it means for Cal, a child who hasn’t grown in 5 years. She should be pounding down the doors of the investigators, scientists and doctors, looking for answers.

She should be acting more like Ben, Saanvi and Jared. Or even Vance, who has no personal connection to the passengers. All of them are acting like normal people who want to understand this situation and protect themselves and their loved ones from whatever ongoing dangers might arise from it.

Instead, Grace actively refuses to be informed about what happened. She acts as though the entire disappearance was Ben’s fault, and at times she acts like it didn’t happen at all. She pretends that Cal died and Ben abandoned her, then they both separately came back. She’s becoming scarily possessive of Cal.

It’s obviously dangerous for Grace to have full custody of Cal, since she doesn’t know what’s going on with him and doesn’t listen. She made the wrong decision about Cal’s treatment at the hospital because of her delusional thinking. She’s going to continue to make bad decisions for Cal. She’s not going to understand the symptoms she sees. She’s not going to respect his callings. And she’s going to let the wrong people get close to him, because she’s easily taken in by con artist techniques.

I hate that I have to say this, but now, Ben isn’t equipped to keep Cal safe any more than Grace is. He’s hardly ever home. He takes off to do dangerous spy work at a moment’s notice, and both parents have depended on Olive to pick up the parenting slack for them. The only way I could see Ben having enough backup at home to take proper care of a very sick 10-year-old who needs frequent, regular chemo treatments and has other odd health issues, would be for Mick and Ben to move in with Grandpa Steve.

Grace is obviously going to call in Danny to replace Ben as the other backup, which is wrong on so many levels, but it’s been clear for weeks that she was building toward that. She’s got the house, the business, the established relationship, and the established record as a single parent. She’s framed every situation with Ben as him being irresponsible or crazy.

She’s been building a case for custody of the kids, and Ben hasn’t done anything to help his case. Of course, he didn’t know he was going to need to make a case for himself. When Grace tried to throw him out, he should have slept on the couch or moved into a different bedroom, but refused to leave the house. His name is on the deed, too. She doesn’t automatically get it or the kids, and this isn’t the time to be a martyr.

Grace has made her list of all the things that Ben has done wrong, probably since before they went away to Jamaica, and all the things she’s done right. She’ll present that list to the judge, along with everyone who’ll testify on her behalf, in the custody suit, where she’ll go for full physical custody, with supervised visitation for Ben. She’s a viper, and she’s turned Olive against Ben, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out that Danny has coached her.

If Ben gets a job, and keeps it, moves in with his father and Mick or back into the house, and tries to look stable, he can call on his pre Flight 828 record of stability. He just needs a good lawyer.

What worries me the most is that Grace will let Danny and others have access to the twins. Someone will be from the Singularity Project, and will harm, or even kidnap, Cal or both kids. I think that the time will come when Ben and Cal both have to either leave their regular lives behind and go underground or learn to keep their 828 activities very secret.

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One thought on “What’s wrong with Grace?

  1. You’re right about Grace. It seems as if she’s oblivious to the fact that Ben and Cal have somehow mysteriously returned from the land of the dead … the magical beyond … the twilight zone … after disappearing for 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days.

    No questions? No curiosity? No something’s going on here that I don’t understand … and no one can explain?

    I agree. She should be looking for answers. Instead, she blames Ben for returning from his unexplained disappearance, and interrupting her new life. A life in which she’s grown extremely more comfortable without him.

    Grace is self-centered and selfish. Under the existing circumstances, not only is she putting Cal, Olive, Ben and Michaela in danger, she’s also putting herself in danger.

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