Which couple’s relationship do you want to Manifest into a true romance?

by Charles Moore | Manifest828.com
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Dec 10, 2018

Across the entire interverse, fans and critics alike have their own preferences about who should end up in a permanent romantic relationship. Some of our favorite, and not so favorite, couples have found themselves involved in awkward love triangles. More often than not, these love triangles have created strong disagreement when it come to viewers. There are opinions about infidelity. And there are opinions stating that infidelity doesn’t matter. That depending on the circumstances, it’s all about what’s best for the couple and what makes them happy. Some think it’s wrong for a friend to marry her best friend’s fiancé, even if she’s dead. Others argue that all’s fair in love and war. When the love triangles are untangled, there will be no happy ending for one or more of the couples. So, when it’s all said and done, someone has to find true romance in the story. Who do you think it should be?

Ben & Grace

This is the couple I most want to find true romance, again. I know. No one likes Grace. Neither do I. At least not now. She’s at the top of my most disliked character’s list. But she and Ben were together for 15 years. They are the parents of twins. They were once truly in love. That is why I want to see their current dysfunctional relationship manifest once again into a mutual, selfless love. It would be a testament to the brilliance of the skill and imagination of the showrunners and writers if they could pull this off. They would be without question storytelling geniuses.

Michaela and Jared

These two have had a rocky relationship. Especially since the accidental death of Mick’s BFF Evie. Their relationship ran into even more seemingly immovable obstacles when Flight 828 returned after disappearing for more than 5 and a half-plus years with Mick onboard. Jared had married Lourdes, Mick’s other BFF. Jared and Lourdes have planned on becoming parents. I can’t see Mick as a home wrecker, so I don’t really see this romance fully blossoming again. I could be wrong, but there would be serious consequences … infidelity with moral consequences.

Danny and Grace

I don’t want these two to ever end up in a loving romantic relationship … even if they actually do. And if they do, I want their relationship to be as miserable as humanly possible. I know. Some of you are asking, what’s wrong with me for thinking this way. The answer’s simple. I don’t like Danny, and I don’t like Grace. If the story holds true, their relationship is the result of two psychologically broken people discovering each other in survivor’s group therapy. For Danny and Grace, it’s misery loves company. Beyond that, they both behave completely abnormal. Either that, or the writers haven’t been showing us the real cards. And are dealing from the bottom of the deck. These two are my least favorite couple. The primary reason is I don’t trust Danny … or Grace.

Jared and Lourdes

They’re happily married. As I see it, they both stabbed their BFF Michaela Stone in the back. Yes, they thought Michaela was dead. So what? Was the only reason they hooked up because they knew with absolute certainty Mick was dead? Of course, the joke’s on Jared and Lourdes, Mick’s still alive and she’s not going anywhere. Of all the women in the world, Jared, Lourdes was the only one suitable to become your eternal soulmate? And Lourdes, of all the men in the world, you had to have your thought-to-be dead BFF’s fiancé for yourself? If these two find happiness in the future, so be it. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Ben and Saanvi

The couple most want to get together. They both have undeniable magnetic personalities. Their chemistry together oozes off the screen as a perfect mix of passion and sex appeal. So why is this not my most favorite couple to manifest into true romance? For me, it’s something that would be too good to be true. As I see it, Manifest is about redemption … not romance. And there’s something else. When it comes to Ben and Saanvi’s relationship, here’s a little spoiler, courtesy of TVLine.

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3 thoughts on “Which couple’s relationship do you want to Manifest into a true romance?

  1. Thanks, Carol. You’ve stated exactly what was needed to be said.

    “The writers are letting the audience down by not addressing the unhealthy rescuer relationship Michaela has of always wanting to fix Zeke’s problems for him, both with his mother and his addiction.”

    Upon returning from the mountains near Tannersville, Michaela immediately moved the homeless Zeke into her apartment; where she was shot with an illegal handgun he had illegally obtained.

    She tells Zeke to run and she spends two months in the hospital. She later hooks up with Zeke again. He turns himself in, pleads guilty, and goes to jail. She miraculously gets him out of jail by throwing Jared under the bus.

    One month later, Zeke sets up permanent residence in her apartment. His ex, Courtney, who is also homeless, moves in and sleeps on Michaela’s couch for a week. Why again is she in love with Zeke? I must have missed something.

    Let’s not forget what Michaela said to Lourdes about Jared during their last meeting: “I-I can’t apologize for still loving him. Lourdes, it was one month ago, my time, that he was down on his knees. I had a ring on my finger. I was gonna marry him.” (114.15)

    So, after meeting Zeke in the mountains near Tannersville; Michaela tells Lourdes she can’t stop loving Jared; but she also tells Jared “she doesn’t want to continue her relationship with him; that he needs to be with Lourdes.” (114.8) Then Zeke’s illegal actions almost killed her; and she blames Jared? Go figure.

    As I stated in an earlier comment, “Michaela has a tendency for making making wrong decisions.”

  2. Totally want Jared and Michaela to end up together. They are true soulmates. He has redeemed himself by being there for Michaela every single time she gets in danger. Always ready to protect her, plus her family. And even saved Zeke. Why choose Zeke over Jared? In Season two, Zeke kept ‘poking the bear’, trying to make Jared jealous. Michaela was shot with Zeke’s illegal weapon, but she over looked that part of it. She wouldn’t look twice at Zeke if he hadn’t disappeared like she did. The writers are letting the audience down by not addressing the unhealthy rescuer relationship Michaela has of always wanting to fix Zeke’s problems for him, both with his mother and his addiction. Jared is the real deal and an independently functioning adult, not Zeke. At some point, Michaela has to realize she is with Zeke out of pity for his circumstances instead of actual love.

  3. Ben and Grace

    Their relationship has gone from bad to good to beyond bad. I don’t see any happy ending for these two. Whenever the sun begins to shine for this couple, the severe storms of doom and gloom always return.

    Although their relationship keeps taking a turn for the worse, I’m still hoping for the best. No matter what. They will always remain my favorite couple. Even if they don’t ever really get to be a happy couple.

    Michaela and Jared

    Stick a fork in it. I know. Michaela and Jared are what some fans continue to want as a couple. But I don’t see it happening. Jared has gone Psycho. And Michaela shouldn’t have to indulge the behavior a self-serving Sicko.

    As of now, Jared is completely out of Michaela’s love life … unless he miraculously finds an exorcist to rid him of his evil “jealousy and control-freak” demons.

    Danny and Grace

    I hate them as a couple. Yes, hate. They have absolutely no chemistry together. Why? Because they’re never together. And as far as I’m concerned, that has always been a good thing.

    The best thing that happened to Grace was when Danny was thought to have been written out of the story by the writing gods. For me, it was good frackin’ riddance to Danny.

    The worst thing that happened is when the writing gods decided to make Grace pregnant in the season finale … probably with his child. Now it’s, why does Grace (or the storyline … or the fans) need more frackin’ Danny? Answer: no one needs or wants Danny. Of course, I’m only speaking for myself.

    Jared and Lourdes

    Kiss this relationship goodbye. When Michaela returned on Nov 4, 2018, Lourdes should have packed her bags and caught the first flight out of the city. Actions of BFF’s have consequences.

    If Evie (Michaela’s dead BFF) was Lourdes, Jared would probably still be single. He definitely wouldn’t be married to Evie. Unlike Lourdes, Evie would have behaved like a “real sister” to Michaela.

    Jared may have looked at Evie in an admiring way, but there definitely wouldn’t have been any touching. None whatsoever. Thanks to the writing gods, Lourdes is gone. Good riddance. Maybe she left a forwarding address so that Michaela can FedEx Jared to her … securely locked in a Straitjacket.

    Ben and Saanvi

    This relationship will not happen. At least not in season two. Ben has his hands full of Grace’s pregnant test kits and Cal’s tombstone drawings. And Saanvi is having a complete mental meltdown.

    It’s more likely that Ben and Saanvi would have a ménage à trois with the Major than ending up in a healthy and romantic relationship with each other. Hopefully, season three will be better suited for them as a couple. Or not.

    Michaela and Zeke

    This would be worse than Michaela agreeing to shack-up with Jared. Which means, it will probably happen. Michaela has a tendency of making wrong decisions. So, why not? Michaela and Zeke it is. But I strongly do not approve of (or recommend) this romantic relationship.

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