What is Michaela hiding? What is weighing her down?

by Don Kincaid | Manifest828.com
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Dec 13, 2018

Michaela and Jared’s relationship remains in the forefront as Manifest fans eagerly wait for episode 10. But I have a feeling before the writers flesh out this arc in the story line, we will learn more about Michaela’s past with and/or without Jared. After all, time seems to factor into everything on Manifest in one way or another. It’s not just about looking ahead, but looking back, too.

While looking at her reflection in the window (103.19), one has to wonder what Michaela sees looking back at her. How does this reflection look differently from what others see in Michaela? What does she think of herself?  So far in the series, we have been led to believe that Michaela is not happy with herself.  In the first episode, Michaela refers to herself as a “Miss Bad Influence” that shouldn’t be hanging around the kids. (101.6) It is not clear whether this is negative self talk (distorted thinking on Michaela’s part), or a callback to the words Grace actually used to refer to her at the time of Evie’s accident.

The writers seem to be using these scenes to show that much remains to be seen in understanding Michaela’s character, that is, her distinctive mental and moral qualities. Just as we learned that Patrick Taylor on the other side of the window is a slumlord, and not the Mr. nice guy we thought he was (103.19), one has to wonder, what about Michaela’s personality and temperament have we not seen yet? After all, it was Isaiah later in the episode which says to Michaela, “You haven’t unburdened yourself, for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated. What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?” (103.22)

The episode’s “Own Your Truth” calling has just as much to do with Michaela as it does with Kelly (and Grace, too). It was Michaela, while playing Cal’s letter game on the refrigerator door, who changed three letters to spell out “Own Your Truth.” (103.2)  The callings Michaela receives, and the 5 1/2 year time jump, are helping her to resolve Evie’s death; that is clear. Even though for her was only a matter of days.

Michaela has a second chance. The choices she makes post return make a difference on her character. By reflecting on where she has been, and reevaluating where she wants to go, she can change course, and make things right.

The scenes in which Michaela visits the psychologist attest to this. Dr. Bortel says to her, “Seems like your world turned upside down five months before you got on that plane.” (102.6)  One would think that after episode 7 in which Michaela received the heartbeat calling, that Evie’s death is behind her. Michaela was consoled learning that Evie’s heart was donated to a boy who would of otherwise died.

Thus, we haven’t learned Michaela’s whole story. There is more to come. Despite episode 103 giving us two flashbacks of what happened in late October 2012, five months before Flight 828, on the night Evie died, we still don’t know everything that  Michaela may have said or done leading up to it (except that she was drinking), and what happened afterwards (other than being exonerated.)  Therefore, expect to see more flashbacks to Evie’s death and what effect that had on Michaela, and how that too, might be related to Jared.

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