Will Grace and Danny have Sex Again?

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Dec 21, 2018

No need for anyone to blush. Sex is a major part of Grace and Danny’s storyline. It’s one of the subplots for their on-again, off-again character-driven relationship. Where love means you never have to say you’re sorry. And who should be sorry for what? Grace and Danny didn’t ask Ben to return from the dead. They didn’t give him permission to return and disrupt their incredible 3-year long happily married-like love fest.

How Grace’s heavenly bliss turned to hell

As Grace disturbingly sees it, Ben is the one who put her through hell when he died. Now that he’s back, and again is putting her through hell. Ben has literally turned her made-in-heaven life with Danny into a living hell on Earth. That, of course, is Grace’s view. At least, that’s my interpretation of Grace’s misguided version of the story as it has unfolded thus far.1

Danny is Grace’s Crusader (his preferred condom brand or maybe it’s her preferred brand). He allegedly rescued her from the darkness of despair when he said, “Grace, you look like hell.” After that, Grace would later open-up to Danny and offer him everything she had. Her home, daughter, heart, body and soul. More importantly, she offered to forever share a life with him in which the past no longer existed, period.

Grace’s impromptu act

Once Flight 828 mysteriously returned, Grace repeatedly refused to cheat on Danny by not having sex with her own husband, i.e., until Ben discovered the truth—that Grace had kept her lover, Danny, who she lived with for 3-years, a secret. Grace ceremoniously performed her wifely duties with her husband, but did she really do so because of love, or for some other reason?

Some viewers and critics have said Grace’s impromptu act of intimacy was nothing more than providing Ben with meaningless pity sex. At the time, I disagreed. Looking back at what happened. I will now admit. I was wrong. The fake intimacy between the two was the textbook definition of pity sex.

Engaging in sex with Ben was simply an attempt by Grace to hide her strong feelings for Danny. When Ben would later ask, “… this guy, do you love him,” she never answered the question. She deflected by telling Ben it was him who she loved. She neglected to tell Ben that her love for him was grammatically, past tense.

What the future holds for Grace

Now that Grace has explicitly and permanently kicked Ben to the proverbial curb, she no longer has any need to hide secrets about how she truly feels. She’s free to do whatever she wants with Danny. From her perspective, she gave Ben a second chance to be her devoted husband and he blew it, not her.

Grace will now spend time at night sleeping alone in bed. No one to hold or snuggle. No one to share the passions of physical intimacy. Danny said, when he had earlier showed up at the Stone’s family home, unannounced and uninvited, he could survive without Grace. But when it comes to the positive changes in Grace’s life over the last 3-years with Danny, is she willing to survive without him?

How long will it take for Grace and Danny to find themselves in an open and intimate relationship again? Will Danny get another opportunity to satisfy Grace in ways only the Crusader can? How long will it take? Or will it happen? What do you think?

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  1. For the record, my comments are only about Grace, a fictitious character. I immensely like Athena Karkanis as a human being, and I think she’s a wonderful actress.

15 thoughts on “Will Grace and Danny have Sex Again?

  1. Conundrum versus commitment
    The conundrum surrounding Grace and Danny having sex will never go away until one of them is dead. And unless death actually happens, all that’s needed is opportunity and ability. And there’s plenty of opportunity and ability.
    Let’s not forget that, after taking the day off from work, Grace left home to meet Danny after Olive’s shoplifting incident at the Bluemercury cosmetic store. She had no valid reason to leave home other than to meet and have sex with Danny. Why not? She was hot and horny because she was about to have sex with Ben at the time. Having sex with Danny killed two birds with one stone. In doing so, she pleased herself by pleasing Danny.
    It ain’t over ’til it’s over
    Olive really didn’t want Grace to kick Danny out of the house when Ben and Cal returned. This was evident when Olive invited Danny to dinner after Grace had kicked Ben out of the house. Olive’s exact words were, “She’s not gonna ask. I can tell she misses you, but it’s like she’s punishing herself.” (110.12) Grace punishing herself for missing Danny because of what? Here’s what Olive really meant: “She misses having sex with you.” Michaela also knew about Danny before Ben met him. So, if Grace did have sex with Danny again Michaela, would have to keep her mouth shut. She herself had sex with Jared when he was married to Lourdes. And Ben really couldn’t complain. He’s the one who said, “And neither one of you seem to be able to let this guy go. [PAUSE] But maybe it’s not fair for me to ask you to.” (104.23) In other words, you’re free to do exactly what you did before I returned … no strings attached.
    Many things have changed since Flight 828 returned, But like many things in Manifest, even when it comes to the soap opera drama, storylines also get dropped. But the speculation regarding the “soap opera”-related storyline drama continues. Will Grace and Danny have sex again? Until concrete evidence is shown they won’t, there’s always a strong impending possibility that it will happen.

  2. Everything is good. Grace has given birth to Eden. Olive is no longer involved in Adrian’s cult at “the Church of the Returned.” Then too, Adrian is no longer involved in his own cult. What happened to Olive’s mountain climbing trip to Acadia National Park? The audience has been conditioned to believe that Olive sincerely loves Danny. And regardless of Olive’s feelings for her Ben, she previously wanted Grace to love Danny as much as she did.
    So, let’s throw a wrench into the machinery. Now, that Eden has been born and is Ben out chasing Callings, Olive invites Danny over because Grace is having postpartum depression; and Olive agrees to babysit Eden while Danny assists in “clinically relieving” Grace of her postpartum depression. 
    Olive has revealed that she cares about Danny on numerous occasions. She has also criticized Grace’s treatment of Danny. Regardless of Ben’s returning, Olive is accustomed to Grace having sex with Danny. Why would she see anything that’s morally wrong with Danny and Grace again engaging in sexual activities? From what’s known about Olive is that she has no moral compass.
    If she thinks assisting Grace to again have sex with Danny will make Grace happy, she wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer her daughterly assistance; just like she did when she invited Danny to dinner after Grace had kicked Ben out of the house (110.12). After all, Danny is Olive’s dad, too; and Grace has no problem with Olive’s thinking (105.26). 

    GRACE: That’s what I should have asked you. When you kept on me about telling your dad about Danny. I thought it was because you were mad at me for not making a clean break. That wasn’t it, was it?
    OLIVE: I love Dad. And I’m so glad that he’s back. But Danny’s my dad, too.
    GRACE: I know and that’s okay.

    Olive has never stopped wanting Danny and Grace to be together. Unless Danny suddenly dies, Grace and Danny will have sex again. Olive will help to make it happen.

  3. When Grace suggested to Ben that naming Danny the father of her unborn child was a workable plan, the chances of Grace and Danny having sex again increased exponentially.
    Who knows? Maybe they’ve had sex recently; prior to Grace suggesting the idea to Ben. She did say Danny would agree to being the father of her unborn baby. It’s not unreasonable to believe she had already floated her plan past Danny before approaching Ben. For some inexplicable reason, Grace doesn’t appear willing to let Danny go. Is he that much better in bed than Ben? Or is it something else?

  4. I will assume for a moment that your premise of Grace being a “selective nympho” when it comes to Danny is true.

    Either that’s true and Grace is “helplessly horny for Danny” or when it comes specifically to her; Danny’s the perfect “magical master manipulator” who is more than qualified to pleasure Grace’s “G-Spot.” Then too, both things can be true at the same time.

     Why would Grace‘s first calling tell her to stop the paternity test?

    That is the question everyone should be asking. I don’t know if you’ve read the forum topic, “Theories on Grace’s baby’s daddy.” But I agree with you, 100 percent. If Ben’s the baby’s daddy, why would the calling be opposed to anyone knowing? Here is part of a comment I wrote about the paternity test:“So, Ben is the father. No more discussion. End of story. Wait. Hold on. Not so fast my friends. Until Saanvi says so, it ain’t so. She was shown with a copy of the DNA parental confirmation paperwork in her hand. We only assumed that Ben‘s name was on it. Unless someone can actually prove Ben‘s name was definitely on the paperwork, it’s not over ’til it’s over.”

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Stay tuned. 

    To be brutally honest, your story is far more compelling than the “shades of grey” details that were (not) revealed about the paternity test itself. I don’t know if the writers are intentionally trying to confuse or misdirect the audience. Or if they’re not aware they’re doing it. Either way, it’s something that’s gotten old; and it’s something that’s gone far beyond being frustrating.

    Danny and his magic tool will be back.

    I agree. Danny is a “tool” and he’s not going anywhere. Danny, for some inexplicable reason, seems to keep disappearing and returning … over and over again. Why? As a way of the writers ensuring that his loyal die-hard fans in the viewing audience are pleased? To continue hiding secrets about him until his last name is finally revealed on June 2, 2024?

  5. I will assume for a moment that your premise of Grace being a “selective nympho” when it comes to Danny is true. I will see your “selective nympho” and raise you that the blood marker was passed to Grace from Danny. Why would Grace’s first calling tell her to stop the paternity test? I submit that Danny was involved in the “Black Lightening” event and carries the blood marker and passed it to Grace. S2E2 did NOT resolve the baby daddy question.I also submit that after Danny’s first venture into Grace’s womanhood, the blood maker was passed locally to her vagina. Her vagina is constantly telling Grace, “I want Danny!”That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Stay tuned. Danny and his magic tool will be back.

  6. As long as Danny is alive, Grace will always be willing to have sex with him. All he has to do is ask; she has never turned him down. Especially when it comes to being physically intimate with him. She left to meet him immediately after Olive’s shoplifting incident. The next day he stopped by when she was home alone and she didn’t make him leave.Nor did she make him leave the house after he and Ben got into a physical confrontation. In fact, after dinner, he said to her, “… when you’re ready … say the word …” And when Danny’s ready to have sex with Grace again; she will say the word … and the word will be … YES! Forget infidelity. Grace has already cuckolded and lied to Ben.She never told him about Danny getting her pregnant and having a miscarriage. Actually, she provided the nurse with this information … not Ben. She never told him what happened between her and Danny immediately after Olive’s shoplifting incident and what happened with Danny the next day. She has had no problem keeping secrets from Ben. Nor does she resist complying with Danny’s desires. Forget morality. She was eagerly and willing to get pregnant and have Danny’s baby … with no strings attached … only because he wanted children.Grace has been willing to do things with Danny she would never do with Ben. Obviously, Danny is a Crusader who uses his lance to thrust deeply; while Grace continues to keep Ben in the blind when it comes to her and Danny’s “Soft Landings.”

  7. Ben and Grace didn’t have sex until 7-days after his return (102.23 time-line). Two days later (9-days after the return), Grace cheated on Ben and had sex with Danny during her unexplained time away from home during Olive’s shoplifting incident (104.23 time-line). This is the only logic explanation for Grace not knowing if Ben’s the baby’s daddy or not. If she didn’t cheat on Ben with Danny (which I’m 100% convinced she did), then Danny’s the baby’s daddy … do the math. If Danny’s Grace’s baby’s daddy, he and Grace will definitely have sex in the future. Why would this happen? It’s all part of the continuing “carved in stone” storyline … “infidelity without moral  consequences.” An invisible shade of gray … indelibly painted into the story with the colors Red and Blue.

  8. she very well could have cheated with Danny already.

    I thought the exact same thing. Especially after the shoplifting incident had taken place. It has always puzzled me why Danny was bold enough to stop by the next day unannounced.

    Grace had no reason to be gone and came home much later when it was dark. 

    Exactly. She never mentioned being at work. If it wasn’t for the shoplifting incident, she would have been banging her head against the headboard in the master bedroom with Ben. This didn’t happen because Ben went to pick Olive up at Bluemercury instead of her.When Danny called her, she became infuriated with Ben, met Danny and felt guilty about “cheating on him,” and agreed to have goodbye sex with him because she was trying to “rebuild” her marriage. She refused to answer his text messages the following day. This would explain his irrational behavior in stopping by unannounced the very next day. And her saying to him, “you can’t be here.” I’m guessing she never told Ben about Danny’s surprise visit to the Stone residence. As Paul so eloquently stated already, “Grace is a slow learner.” And Danny’s actions are fast and quick when it comes to manipulating her.

  9. Grace could be that stupid she very well could have cheated with Danny already. The day of the shoplifting Grace should have been home when Ben and Olive returned. Ben and Olive were home during daylight. Grace had no reason to be gone and came home much later when it was dark. Her clothes were a little ruffled and she was trying to start a fight with Ben immediately upon arrival. A cheating women will try to make their husbands the bad guy to justify their infidelity.  

  10.  Maybe once. Grace has a slow learning curve.

    I agree. Grace is definitely a slow learner. In Connecting Flights, when Danny showed up uninvited, Grace said, “You can’t be here.” She told him she was trying to rebuild her marriage with Ben. (105.21)Fast forward to Crosswinds and things are different when he shows up … uninvited by Grace. After she had kicked Ben out of the house, now it’s, “Um this is not a good time.” Of course, a heated confrontation between Ben and Danny later ensued. With Grace, Olive, and Cal caught in the middle of it. (110.23)Danny was the last to leave the house. I don’t know if leaving last was symbolic or not. But if she does have sex with Danny again, she has to be one of the most dumbest individuals in the world.  Especially after Danny’s statement in Reconnecting Flights:

    DANNY: …but for three years, I was all she had. When I lost Nina, I thought I’d I’d be alone forever. And then I found you. So I know I’ll survive losing you but I’m not sure I know how to get over losing that amazing kid.

    He “found her” … “survive losing her.” Can’t get over losing Olive?  WTH? Then in Crosswinds it’s:

    DANNY: You don’t need to say anything. If you’re ready, when you’re ready: next week, next month, next year, just say the word. “

    When she’s ready” for what? A late night booty call? To get married and sail off into the sunset? Although he knows she kicked Ben out of the house, did he forget that she was trying to rebuild her marriage?A late night booty call could happen. Only if Grace is stupid. But Danny marrying Grace ain’t gonna happen. If fate wanted that to happen, it would have happened already.

  11.  Maybe once. Grace has a slow learning curve. Psychological: Grace does remember her life with Ben: meeting, falling in love, marrying, having twins and even tho it bugs her, seeing him work hard with Cal and being a real Dad to Olive. Danny’s “get over Nina, get over you” statement must be devastating. Danny is “over Nina and can get over Grace”. An opportunist, as always, he can take it or leave it. The Olive thing, as others have said, is revolting.  Logistics: We know Ben will be popping in and out at all hours even if he doesn’t live there – he will be sure to be watching over Cal and trying to have an Dad / daughter relationship, too. He will blow up if he catches Grace and Danny there, especially with the kids.   Grace has a schedule to keep, for catering means irregular hours.  Event though Danny is free to tool around in his car or see his trainer or troll, he still must meet the time frames.      

  12. I don’t think it was all pity sex with Grace and Ben.

    I agree it wasn’t all pity sex. Definitely not pity sex on Ben’s part. Grace only gave in to Ben after he had discovered her secret about Danny. Without her secret being revealed, I don’t think she would have been intimate with him.

    If it was, she would not have been so enthusiastic to start sex in episodes 4 and 8.

    I don’t see episodes 4 and 8 being directly related. Grace is conflicted. She is torn between her feelings for both Ben and Danny. I think she is more than being infatuated with Danny. And I agree, Danny has manipulated her. Will this manipulation continue?

    But I am not 100% sure she and Ben are completely finished.

    I agree. See my comments here. Ben and Grace were a happily married. They had marital problems before Ben and Cal disappeared, and some of those same problems continue now. I also agree that 9 episodes are too short of a period to resolve their marital problems … or end their marriage.My guess is there are more hardships for them to overcome when it comes to resolving their marriage and family problems. I see Danny being a part of those hardships. I’m also guessing time will tell. Jeff Rake, the show’s creator, has a 6-year plan for everything to come together. 

  13. I don’t think it was all pity sex with Grace and Ben. It is not that simple. If it was, she would not have been so enthusiastic to start sex in episodes 4 and 8. She is definitely infatuated with Danny because he tells her what she wants to hear and makes life easy. But I am not 100% sure she and Ben are completely finished. The writers have said they were putting a happily married couple to the ultimate test. As well as tearing apart a family and putting it back together again. 9 episodes seems too short a time period for those two “experiments” to have already failed. Though I guess time will tell.

  14. I am not so sure we can assume that the Crusader condom Ben found under the bed (103.13) belonged to Danny and Grace.

    Ben found the Crusader under his and Grace’s bed; the same bed that was used by Danny and Grace for amorous purposes over the last three years. Unless Grace personally approved of Olive and Kevin using her bed for adult activities, my best guess is that it wasn’t Kevin’s condom.True. Olive and Kevin were seeing each other. And Olive did sneak out the window at night to see him. Grace didn’t seem to mind. She doesn’t seem to mind anything Olive does.But, in my opinion, to assume the Crusader didn’t belong to Danny would be jumping the shark. Otherwise it would indicate the show’s creators are willing to go far beyond Grace and Danny’s so-called “infidelity without moral consequences” subplot.It would also mean that they have no problem showcasing that Grace (and perhaps Danny) knew and approved of “two teenagers engaging in sexual activities at Grace’s home.” This as a storyline as in a science fiction television series would literally be mind-boggling.There are already too many layers of soap opera in the overall story. To assume the Crusader belongs to Kevin would cross the line. As least, it would for me. From my prospective, the writers have already painted Olive into a lewd corner with Danny.The writers should keep the 16-year old Olive as far away from engaging in sexual activities on the show as creatively possible.

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