Manifest Red Marker Quiz #1: Blood, oven mitts, rocks, garbage can, window sign

DIRECTIONS: For each card, answer the question AND then identify the “red marker”. Flip the card to check your answer. (For more information about the significance of the color red in Manifest, see the articles at the bottom of page).

1. Who said: "They’re right here!"

Manifest Episode 109 Click to Flip
A drop of blood that dripped from Cal's nose
CAL: They’re right here!
BEN: Check between those trees.
VANCE: Seriously? I followed a headache I may as well follow a crayon drawing.

2. Who said: "I'm a little protective..."

Manifest Episode 103 Click to Flip
Oven mitts Grace uses to protect her hands.
ROB: I get it, I get it, I do. It’s just, uh, this is gonna sound insane, but I’m a little protective of Danny. Kind of seems like you’re cheating on him.

3. Who said: "Oh, damn it!"

Manifest Episode 107 Click to Flip
Rocks higher up on wall at the climbing gym
OLIVE: Oh, damn it.
DANNY: It’s all right. Next time, make sure that your knee is bent before you reach.
OLIVE: I don’t want to do this anymore.

4. Who said: "You should go."

Manifest Episode 108 Click to Flip
Olive is holding a red waste can.
GRACE: I mourned my son for five years. I will never, never let anyone take him away from me, not ever again. You should go.

5. Who said: "Up in smoke"

Manifest Episode 102 Click to Flip
"Going Out of Business" letters on the store window
MR. VALERO (TO RADD): You got some nerve walking in here. He cleaned me out… entire inventory. 41 years up in smoke. Some son you raised.


Heads Up: The red spot in Cal’s drawing is more than a blood stain

Subtle hints of Michaela and Ben’s “living hell” in Manifest

Manifest Writers: “What the hell is going on?”

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  1. I just got done watched the two season and it was great. The only problem is the wing that comes out of the water doesn’t match anything on the 828 plane. The wings are all white and the blue wing has the white curves but doesn’t have the red lettering above it so how could it be theres

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