The Mystery Behind Flight 828

by Charles Moore |
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Dec 26, 2018

What caused Flight 828 to mysteriously vanish and then miraculously return years later?

Science fiction enthusiasts have proposed endless theories about the disappearance and reappearance of MA 828. Theories have ranged from government conspiracy to an act of God. And everything in between.

One thing is certain. The mystery behind the disappearance and return of MA 828 has piqued the interest of science fiction fans everywhere.

So, what happened? I have a few plausible theories. Starting with what I consider the most likely.

Government Conspiracy / Accident.

Dr. Fiona Clarke’s human collective consciousness research was used as the template to conduct experiments on selected test subjects aboard the plane. Unified Dynamic Systems, a government-controlled megacorporation, was the evil culprit behind the experiments.

UDS’s experiments, using advanced technology, resulted in unexpected consequences. Which inadvertently caused MA 828 to move through time and space at a slower rate of speed.

The megacorporation never intended for the plane to disappear for 5 and a half years. It was only concerned with using Clarke’s research to conduct its nefarious experiments on selected test subjects.

This is also why only 11 passengers were taken hostage after landing. It’s also why the other passengers were quickly released back into society. An unlikely occurrence considering all the real-life public safety concerns.

The government-controlled UDS is keeping the mystery behind the plane’s disappearance out of the news. Those at UDS are doing this to cover their own criminal culpability surrounding MA 828 while continuing their illegal activities.

What’s happening to Cal, Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, et. al., are unforeseen side-effects of UDS’s secret in-flight experiments.


UDS used advanced stolen extraterrestrial technology to “freeze time in a bubble” in order to conduct its human collective consciousness experiments aboard MA 828. Extraterrestrials are aware of UDS’s plans to control humanity. And are using Cal, Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, et. al., to fight UDS’s evil plans.

Or perhaps, UDS is actually controlled by extraterrestrials who are trying to use the human collective consciousness as an invisible weapon to enslave humanity. And a competing faction of extraterrestrials is trying to stop their other worldly kinfolk from enslaving humankind.

Which would make the callings for Cal, Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, et. al., seem more meaningful. It would suggest the callings are also being used as a collective consciousness weapon in an ongoing fight to save humanity.

It’s all about God

The threads of redemption, suffering, forgiveness, love, heaven, and hell are religious themes that are thoroughly interwoven throughout the fabric of the narrative of the story’s mysteries.

At the center of this interwoven fabric are the gifts of miracles. The universe itself has given everyone in the story a second chance. And everyone deserves a second change.

For example, Thomas, Kelly, Saavni, Radd, Michaela, Autumn Cox, and Fiona Clarke were all given another chance to change their lives for the betterment of themselves and everyone else. The universe doesn’t behave haphazardly when it comes to giving second chances.

Some, like Cal, have been given a second chance to live a long and prosperous life. Miraculously saving a terminally ill 10-year old child from cancer could have only been a gift that came directly from the divine hands of a supreme being.

The Stone family has been given a second chance to reunite in love and happiness. And more importantly, to start anew and rejoice together in the miracle the universe has gifted the family.

It’s all part of divine inspiration, granted by a universal higher power that’s greater than the human collective consciousness could ever comprehend. MA 828’s disappearance was a means to save the world in the end. Not to end the world as a means to destroy humanity.

MA 828 disappeared because the entity that controls all things in the universe wanted the plane to vanish. And then return years later.

The supreme being that programmed the human collective consciousness desires for each character in the story’s narrative to be the best possible human being. To show compassion and love. To show redemption for their spiritual failings. To embrace patience and faith. It’s all about God.

Some Other Reason

Coming up with an acceptable theory for what happened is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s possible the showrunners haven’t decided on a theory yet. Episodes titled “Off the Grid” and “Unaccompanied Minors” have already been changed and given other titles … “Dead Reckoning” and “Crosswinds” respectively.

So, any theory at this point is akin to spitting into the wind. Therefore, when it comes to spitting into the wind, I believe the plane’s disappearance and return is the result of someone from the future manipulating the past to save the future from destruction.

What do you think? What caused MA 828 to vanish and return years later?

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One thought on “The Mystery Behind Flight 828

  1. I recently finished listening to all of the interviews by the cast and Jeff Rake at NYCC 2019. When I finished listening, I begin hearing strange voices inside my head “calling” out to me.

    I was advised that whoever or whatever caused Flight 828 to mysteriously vanish and then miraculously return years later is no longer important … or relevant.

    I was informed the only thing fans should strenuously focus on now is the expiration death date. Nothing else matters. Except for what happens due to the cause and effect relationships resulting from the S1 finale cliffhangers.

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