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Dec 26, 2018

Many questions have been left unanswered when it comes to my favorite melodramatic science fiction television show. Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

What caused the plane to explode on the tarmac?

Episode 101.24

Did someone on the inside of the government conspiracy plant explosives and cause MA 828 to blow up? Or was an unknown, invisible entity responsible? It’s unlikely this question will be answered anytime soon.

What did Cal see when he looked outside the plane’s window?

Episode 105.28

When everyone else on the plane was asleep, or in an induced sleep, Cal looked out the window and said, “It’s all connected.” When the answer to this question is revealed, the key to many of the puzzle pieces involving the mystery of the story will immediately fall into place.

Who is the shadow man in Cal’s family drawing?

Episode 102.15

It could be Danny. This would be the obvious answer. But the shadow man in the drawing could represent something else. Perhaps, something more sinister, i.e., an unknown and imminent danger to the Stone family.

Who has possession of Kelly Taylor’s body?

Episode 103.27

More than likely, a super-secret government agency is hiding Kelly’s body. Then maybe not. But why was her body secretly taken? For the purposes of dissecting and conducting experiments? To keep the public from knowing about what happened aboard MA 828? Inquiring minds want to know the story behind Kelly’s missing body.

Who is Danny?

His last name, what he does for a living, or anything other than he once had a wife named Nina, hasn’t been answered. Is his last name Major? I doubt it. But who is he, and what does he do for a living, are important questions. And are easy questions for showrunners to answer.

What happened to Bethany Collins?

Episode 105.15, 105.19

Everything points to her being in jail and waiting for the scales of justice to decide her fate. Now that Robert Vance is presumed dead, will she end up as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay? Or will she be set free?

What happened to Thomas?

Episode 105.23

Bethany’s wife Georgia was last seen taking him to a safe location. Could this safe location be in the same vicinity as the safe location Fiona Clarke has taken the now freed ten passengers who were held hostage by Laurence Belson? Is it all connected?

What is the source of the callings?

Is it a single entity? Or a collection of entities? The callings could be something simple, e.g., the human counterparts (collective consciousness) of the passengers who were on the plane are using advanced technology to transmit ‘the callings’ from an alternate universe. Speculation aside, the question remains. The callings have a source and someone knows about it. When will the viewing audience know?

I’m an addicted fan of the show. But I’m having withdrawal symptoms from not getting my “obvious answers to the easy questions” fix. The need for me to find answers is becoming almost unbearable. If anyone can explain any of the unanswered questions, help. Please.

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16 thoughts on “Unanswered Manifest Questions

  1. The first reveal of the five foreign nationals being held against their will happened during this exchange:

    POWELL: Five foreign nationals repatriated to their countries of origin, three people in the hospital listed as receiving inpatient care.AGENT: One in the Bureau prisons custody for an outstanding warrant two with no next of kin.VANCE: And a partridge in a pear tree.

    (106.22)The writers did an outstanding job killing the storyline involving the tortured 828 hostages who are now catatonic patients … and have mysteriously disappeared from the plot. The writers efforts in making it happen should be highly commended. /sarc/What’s next in this ongoing saga?

  2. Marko Valeriev and Lena Rasmussen are catatonic patients whose medical conditions exist because they were inhumanely tortured by Laurence Belson. Both are also foreign nationals.
    Do their respective governments know what has happened to them? If not, will their governments be told what happened? Will there be international repercussions resulting from the maltreatment of any of the 828 passengers?
    Secrets can’t be kept forever. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed. It’s something that’s inevitable.

  3. “The recent PTSD is going to force her to deal with whatever happened prior to the flight,” Kaur teased. “It pushes her to have to face whatever she’s going through.”

    Out of all of the ongoing storylines, Saanvi’s PTSD problems seem to be the most realistic and intriguing. Not only will the Major get an opportunity to glimpse into Saanvi’s soul in the future, it’s strongly suggested that it’s highly likely the individual who was the seat 8B no-show also did something that affected her both physically and psychologically.How much detail will be revealed in Saanvi’s upcoming PTSD storyline ? Will the Major hypnotize her? Did her seat 8B no-show traveling companion physically abuse her?Forget who got shot. Forget Grace’s pregnancy. What Saanvi is currently undergoing is far more intriguing than what’s happening in any of the other show’s characters’ personal lives.

  4. What happened to the spouse-abusing Paul Santino who got immense pleasure out of beating his helpless wife, Helen Doyle? Does he still have amnesia?Manifest writers have had no problem when it comes to introducing the audience to social issues, e.g., gay rights, racial discrimination, martial infidelity, etc.Btw. There is no such thing as “infidelity without moral consequences.” There are always consequences to infidelity. Period. Believing otherwise is delusional thinking.Grace is a fictitious character. If it was so vitally important to portray her character as possibly being pregnant by someone other than her husband; and she actually loves “that man” as much as showrunners would have us believe, the two of them would have gotten married long before Ben’s return.

  5. Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace‘s and Olive‘s character development.

    Obviously, the writers now have a very good reason for bringing Danny back. I think it was a mistake to introduce the “Grace is pregnant” storyline. But what do I know. Showrunners simply couldn’t let Danny exit from the stage quickly and quietly.After 16 episodes, next-to-nothing has been revealed about him. Not even his last name. His character has served no purpose in the show other than being a foil to Ben. And a no longer needed, once upon a time “substitute” faux family member for Grace and Olive.But when is comes to the upcoming “my baby mama” soap opera drama, I’m afraid we’ll see more of Danny in season 2 than we can tolerate.

  6. There were children on Flight 828 other than Cal. Here’s the evidence. Are they not important to the show’s mythology? Episode 10 was originally titled, Unaccompanied Minors. My first thought led me to believe the episode would be about 828’s children.Will other 828 children with Callings appear in Season 2? Or were the children simply being used as meaningless props and extras in the pilot episode? Season 2 is definitely needed.

  7. “Writers wrote him out … by never mentioning him again.”The Danny/Grace/Olive storyline had become much too toxic. A viewer commenting on episode 4, the beginning of the “Two Dads” storyline, wrote that he “could no longer watch the slow torture of Ben by Grace and Olive.” Due to his nonproductive involvement with the character development of both Grace and Olive, i.e., Ben Stone’s wife and daughter; Danny was a character that always seemed to manifest negativity every time he appeared on screen. “Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace‘s and Olive‘s character development.”I concur 100%. But in my opinion, the only good reason to ever bring Danny back is in re-reruns … and take any decision to bring him back out of the hands of the writers. Trying to rehabilitate Danny’s character would be a mistake … and a waste of time.

  8. Charles, I agree. Of all the unanswered questions I want answered I too do not need to know about Danny. Because of  the Danny story line the writers were effecting our perception of Grace and Olive in such a negative way. I think the writers had to quickly change Grace’s and Olive’s attitude and behavior and stop all mention of Danny. Last mention of Danny was EP 13 when Ben asked Grace to thank Danny for the use of the truck. “If I see him” Grace answered. There; gone is Danny. Writers wrote him out quicker than ____ by never mentioning him again. Forever I hope. Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace’s and Olive’s character development.

  9. Excellent point. Danny has expensive tastes. His lifestyle indicates he has a large bankroll.So, the obvious questions are: If he really loves Grace, why did he live with her instead of moving her and Olive into his luxurious home? Why did Grace go ballistic when she discovered she had to pay back Ben’s $500,000 death benefit?It makes no sense. Paul Douglas and others have astutely commented elsewhere that Danny is a predator who preys on widows at survivor group sessions. I completely agree with Paul’s theory. Based on his expensive lifestyle, Danny would definitely have the financial resources to afford a private therapist to overcome the grief of losing his wife, Nina.And because he alleges to unconditionally love Grace and Olive, and “picked up the pieces” when Ben was absent, he should have had no problem providing Grace with financial support. Nothing shows that he actually did.

  10. I really agree about Danny. He has plenty of money. Drives an expensive truck and Porsche convertible. Has all the expensive hobby toys like scuba for two, mountain bike, rock climbing equipment. Maybe it is part of Graces $500,000 and all the equity from her home. That was a lot of dough to go threw considering she had income from what is referred to as a successful catering business.

  11. Bethany Collins is out of jail. Vance probably released her when he started working with Ben.None of the other questions have been answered yet. Danny is still the most puzzling, least favorite mystery for me. Last name. Not known. Job/occupation. Unknown. Is Danny the shadow man in Cal’s family drawing? Unknown.Spoiler Alert. But here’s something that’s very interesting. It involves a search in the remote mountains of upstate New York. Will Arcadia be part of this search? What about Danny? Will he be involved?Sometimes questions lead to more questions. When it comes to Manifest, more questions could be a good thing. 

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