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Dec 26, 2018

Many questions have been left unanswered when it comes to my favorite melodramatic science fiction television show. Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

What caused the plane to explode on the tarmac?

Episode 101.24

Did someone on the inside of the government conspiracy plant explosives and cause MA 828 to blow up? Or was an unknown, invisible entity responsible? It’s unlikely this question will be answered anytime soon.

What did Cal see when he looked outside the plane’s window?

Episode 105.28

When everyone else on the plane was asleep, or in an induced sleep, Cal looked out the window and said, “It’s all connected.” When the answer to this question is revealed, the key to many of the puzzle pieces involving the mystery of the story will immediately fall into place.

Who is the shadow man in Cal’s family drawing?

Episode 102.15

It could be Danny. This would be the obvious answer. But the shadow man in the drawing could represent something else. Perhaps, something more sinister, i.e., an unknown and imminent danger to the Stone family.

Who has possession of Kelly Taylor’s body?

Episode 103.27

More than likely, a super-secret government agency is hiding Kelly’s body. Then maybe not. But why was her body secretly taken? For the purposes of dissecting and conducting experiments? To keep the public from knowing about what happened aboard MA 828? Inquiring minds want to know the story behind Kelly’s missing body.

Who is Danny?

His last name, what he does for a living, or anything other than he once had a wife named Nina, hasn’t been answered. Is his last name Major? I doubt it. But who is he, and what does he do for a living, are important questions. And are easy questions for showrunners to answer.

What happened to Bethany Collins?

Episode 105.15, 105.19

Everything points to her being in jail and waiting for the scales of justice to decide her fate. Now that Robert Vance is presumed dead, will she end up as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay? Or will she be set free?

What happened to Thomas?

Episode 105.23

Bethany’s wife Georgia was last seen taking him to a safe location. Could this safe location be in the same vicinity as the safe location Fiona Clarke has taken the now freed ten passengers who were held hostage by Laurence Belson? Is it all connected?

What is the source of the callings?

Is it a single entity? Or a collection of entities? The callings could be something simple, e.g., the human counterparts (collective consciousness) of the passengers who were on the plane are using advanced technology to transmit ‘the callings’ from an alternate universe. Speculation aside, the question remains. The callings have a source and someone knows about it. When will the viewing audience know?

I’m an addicted fan of the show. But I’m having withdrawal symptoms from not getting my “obvious answers to the easy questions” fix. The need for me to find answers is becoming almost unbearable. If anyone can explain any of the unanswered questions, help. Please.

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55 thoughts on “Unanswered Manifest Questions

  1. Although I doubt it will happen, but two questions can be easily answered in S3.
    First, why didn’t Fiona Clarke have callings? She was a passenger on Flight 828. She was also present when Ben, Michaela, Autumn, and Saanvi simultaneously experienced group pain from the experiment being conducted at the Red Hook facility (109.9):

    Cal senses something is about to happen. Laurence is being told to proceed by an unidentified “Major” who tells him to double the charge. This time, not only does Cal experience pain, so does Ben, Michaela, Autumn and SaanviVance watches and says, “What the hell?” Meanwhile, Cal is drawing a picture of Red Hook as blood drips from his nose.

    Fiona Clarke didn’t experience any pain? There was no blood dripping from her nose. Why? This is an easy question to answer. Simply provide the explanation in an upcoming episode … unless there is no answer.
    Second question. Why did the airplane (Flight 828) blow up on the tarmac? Did the callings itself or themselves do it? Which would mean the callings are some kind of collective invisible entity? If this collective invisible entity itself wasn’t physically responsible for blowing up the airplane without help from any non-extraterrestrial, then who was responsible? The Major’s secret organization? An irate passenger? Who?
    There’s a huge difference between not providing answers to unanswered questions than leaving unanswered questions, unanswered … forever.

  2. Thanks, @tjlevi.

    If only the writers and showrunner had a clue even what to reveal. I don’t think they do.

    Agreed. The story itself is all over the place. There are separate and distinct storylines involving the disappearances of Flight 828, Zeke Landon, James Griffin, and Yusuv Al-Zuras. What’s next? Extraterrestrial invaders from the Bermuda Triangle? Previously deceased returnees returning from the dead as flesh-eating Zombies? Everything that has happened; happened in Michaela’s dream?
    As you’ve always done 100% of the time, you’ve hit the nail on the head … with a piledriver. “The “continuity train” has left the station and the writers and showrunner were left on the platform” … alone in the dark … desperately trying to see if there’s a light at the end of the invisible tunnel.

  3. 1. My short answer is I don’t know. The underlying question to me is why is Grace in that tableau. Albeit she is embodying Eden’s calling, neither were on flight 828 so they have nothing to do with the space/time anomaly involving the plane and the ship.
    2. I’m not ready to buy into the parallel/alternate continuums just yet. I know the showrunner wants us to believe the tail section pulled up by the Cuban fishermen is the 828 of 04/07/2013 but photographic evidence from the show proves that is it not. Maybe the “Oncers” and “Teamers” who do not pay attention my buy it but people who are into the actual show know it’s either not the same plane or the production company is grossly incompetent.
    3. I’m still not buying into that.
    4. Same answer. Not ready to accept the premise.
    5. As far as I know the actual “Manifest Holy Grail” has not been established. Is it Cal? Is it Eden? The Major said “could be.” Is she really dead? Was that a ruse? Death faking is not a new technique in this show.
    If only the writers and showrunner had a clue even what to reveal. I don’t think they do. They read social media, blogs, forums, and listen to whoever and seem to go with the flow. The “continuity train” has left the station and the writers and the showrunner were left on the platform.
    WTF Over

  4. The following unanswered questions are the main reason I’ll be watching the show in S3. Before I get to the core of my comment, I must first confess: sci-fi is my favorite genre of entertainment when it’s done right. When sci-fi is not done right, it’s like eating food that’s either under or overcooked, e.g., a steak that barely touches the grill or one that’s burned to a crisp.
    Anyway, in episode 9: Ben, Grace, Cal, and TJ were standing in Al-Zuras’ boat where it was storming, and had a joint calling where they all witnessed Flight 828 fly overhead. The unanswered questions are:

    Was this the same Flight 828 in which Ben, Cal, and TJ were passengers?
    Or was this a different Flight 828 (from an alternate universe) with different versions of Ben, Cal, and TJ onboard?
    Are there two Flight 828’s, each from a different time/space continuum?
    If there were different planes, did the two Flight 828’s crossover to the other’s time/space continuum?
    Or did both Flight 828’s end up in the same time/space continuum?
    And what does the tail section wreckage discovered by the Cubans in the S2 finale have to do with the Holy Grail?

    The best part of any meal is always the main course. Serving too many appetizers and keeping what’s being cooked a secret will not make the main course any more enjoyable. If anything, not knowing what food is being served can be a turn-off. Everyone may not like what’s being served, but they still want to know. So, producers and writers, it’s time to reveal the meal’s main course and serve the fans all of the goodies they deserve.

  5. Grace received a Calling, “Open her eyes,” when she was pregnant. Did she ever fulfill/solve/heed/resolve this Calling? Apparently, Grace hasn’t had a Calling since giving birth to Eden. Is it possible the Callings Grace had have always belonged to Eden; and the “stop” and “open her eyes” Callings were instructing Eden to “stop Grace” and “open Grace’s eyes?”
    What about Grace’s Callings involving the visions of gargoyle images? They should probably be filed in the same category as the visions of the wolf and peacock. That is, filed in the same “who the hell knows what’s going on with Callings” category of visions and images.

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