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Dec 26, 2018

Many questions have been left unanswered when it comes to my favorite melodramatic science fiction television show. Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

What caused the plane to explode on the tarmac?

Episode 101.24

Did someone on the inside of the government conspiracy plant explosives and cause MA 828 to blow up? Or was an unknown, invisible entity responsible? It’s unlikely this question will be answered anytime soon.

What did Cal see when he looked outside the plane’s window?

Episode 105.28

When everyone else on the plane was asleep, or in an induced sleep, Cal looked out the window and said, “It’s all connected.” When the answer to this question is revealed, the key to many of the puzzle pieces involving the mystery of the story will immediately fall into place.

Who is the shadow man in Cal’s family drawing?

Episode 102.15

It could be Danny. This would be the obvious answer. But the shadow man in the drawing could represent something else. Perhaps, something more sinister, i.e., an unknown and imminent danger to the Stone family.

Who has possession of Kelly Taylor’s body?

Episode 103.27

More than likely, a super-secret government agency is hiding Kelly’s body. Then maybe not. But why was her body secretly taken? For the purposes of dissecting and conducting experiments? To keep the public from knowing about what happened aboard MA 828? Inquiring minds want to know the story behind Kelly’s missing body.

Who is Danny?

His last name, what he does for a living, or anything other than he once had a wife named Nina, hasn’t been answered. Is his last name Major? I doubt it. But who is he, and what does he do for a living, are important questions. And are easy questions for showrunners to answer.

What happened to Bethany Collins?

Episode 105.15, 105.19

Everything points to her being in jail and waiting for the scales of justice to decide her fate. Now that Robert Vance is presumed dead, will she end up as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay? Or will she be set free?

What happened to Thomas?

Episode 105.23

Bethany’s wife Georgia was last seen taking him to a safe location. Could this safe location be in the same vicinity as the safe location Fiona Clarke has taken the now freed ten passengers who were held hostage by Laurence Belson? Is it all connected?

What is the source of the callings?

Is it a single entity? Or a collection of entities? The callings could be something simple, e.g., the human counterparts (collective consciousness) of the passengers who were on the plane are using advanced technology to transmit ‘the callings’ from an alternate universe. Speculation aside, the question remains. The callings have a source and someone knows about it. When will the viewing audience know?

I’m an addicted fan of the show. But I’m having withdrawal symptoms from not getting my “obvious answers to the easy questions” fix. The need for me to find answers is becoming almost unbearable. If anyone can explain any of the unanswered questions, help. Please.

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56 thoughts on “Unanswered Manifest Questions

  1. What happened to Olive and Danny’s mountain climbing trip to Acadia National Park last July? I’m glad the trip didn’t happen. This is a dropped storyline which makes the point that too of the unnecessary “feel good” plots end up being quietly discarded. And the plots should be discarded. It also proves that 5-year plans aren’t etched in stone and can easily be changed.
    My fingers are crossed. I hope the producers and writers unleash their full creative potential in S3; and make the show’s fan’s proud. The fans deserve it. They’re been loyal and supportive.

  2. Where is Bill Daly and Fiona Clarke? The assumption is they have flown to the future in order to save the lives of the 828 passengers who currently live in the past. Here’s what’s wrong with that false assumption:
    If Daly was correct, he and Clarke will arrive in the future in 2024; the year of the passengers Death Date. What does their future arrival have to do with solving the Death Date today? What exactly is the connection between Daly, Clarke, and the passengers’ Death Date, if any? It’s all connected, right?
    In the meantime, where in the hell are Daly and Clarke? Stuck in some kind of time vortex? Undergoing physical examinations by wormhole aliens? Sailing across a sea of stars in an alternate universe with Yusuv Al-Zuras?
    If Daly and Clarke aren’t dead, then where in the hell are they?

  3. I feel awkward for asking this trivial question and apologize for doing so; but I’m compelled to ask because it’s a question that’s stuck in my mind … and it’s giving me a headache. What happened to Courtney? Remember Zeke’s wife? The woman who Zeke married; but never filed the official marriage paperwork.
    The same woman who said she was homeless; and was the uninvited guest who lived on Michaela’s couch for a week. The woman who also may or may not have stashed illegal drugs, i.e., pink pills, in Zeke’s razor? Where is she? Will either Michaela or Zeke invite her to their wedding? Or will Courtney completely disappear into the shadows just like all of the other ex-wives and girlfriends on Manifest, e.g., Lourdes … and Tamara?

  4. There are three unanswered questions regarding the S2 “Unaccompanied Minors” episode. First, why the title “Unaccompanied Minors?” Was the title in reference to high school students stealing supplies to cook meth? If it was about the students, a more appropriate title could have been “Flying Blind” or “Off Course.” Just sayin’.
    Second question. Where was Olive? I don’t recall her even being mentioned. She was absent when Cal was hospitalized. At the time, her absence was explained because she was spending the night with her friend Avery from the Bluemercury cosmetic store. For Olive to be separated from TJ had to have been because of something significant. Then too, maybe she dumped TJ and was spending the night with her old boyfriend, Kevin? Or perhaps she needed to rest from babysitting her little sister Eden, and wanted to spend more time with Danny, her other dad, too?
    Last question. What happened to the Yusuv Al-Zuras journal? Was it safely returned to Yale University? Did the three shadow monsters steal it? Did Olive take it with her to wherever she went? Was it given to Eden as a housewarming gift? Was it misplaced? Is it Lost? Where is the journal?

  5. Yusuv Al-Zuras’ Journal is a rare book that was in the custody of Yale University Library. It was mailed to Ben Stone special delivery. When is Ben required to return this rare artifact to Yale? How long is he authorized to keep it? Forever? Or will it be left to Ben’s discretion how long it remains in his possession?

  6. I agree. @MaryGrace. “The scenarios, sci-fi wise, are endless.” Let’s be honest. Nothing personal; but the writing has been horrendous. Emotional involvement and character development are two concepts which have been missing from the scenes since Flight 828’s return.
    There’s no reason why grandma, grandpa, Jared and Lourdes wouldn’t, couldn’t, or shouldn’t have been involved in Olive’s life. Grace could have still had Danny move in and practiced all of her favorite positions in the Kama Sutra, as much and as often as she wanted.

    I think we need many flashbacks somewhere.

    So do I. I just hope that it’s not too late. For a show that enjoys being compared to Lost, the producers and writers have done an abysmal job with flashbacks. Hopefully, the only flashbacks in the future won’t be S1 and S2 re-runs.

  7. Good question @charles . Could be her family is in the Old Country and she simply overstayed her student visa and is here illegally. I don’t know. Since NYC is a “sanctuary city” it may be difficult to get her deported.
    All seriousness aside, we know about as little about Grace as we know about Danny. No maiden name, no family, no obvious ethnicity, no previous relationships, no nothing. The scenarios, sci-fi wise, are endless.
    Another thing, when Ben disappeared, and Olive started having emotional issues, why didn’t she turn to the Stones for help? I know grandma was sick but grandmas will walk through fire for their grand kids. If she needed a male figure in Olive’s life, why not Jared, almost her brother-in-law. Young guy, police officer then detective. I’m sure he would have been an excellent male figure for Olive. If she needed sex, great, sounds like BDC was a good choice but don’t bring the sex machine home to be around the teenage daughter. I don’t know.
    I think we need many flashbacks somewhere.

  8. Who is Grace Stone? Does she have family? Is she an only child? An orphan? Did she even exist before she met Ben? When it’s all said and done, Grace could be a technologically advanced clone; programmed to begin having Callings at a specific time during her 3rd pregnancy. In the world of sci-fi all things are possible. Who is Grace Stone

  9. During the scheduled DNA paternity test, to Ben’s surprise, Grace told him that she had been pregnant twice before. That this was now her third time being pregnant. She said she had gotten pregnant because Danny wanted children. Danny didn’t get his wish because she had a miscarriage. 
    Of course, Ben knew that Grace and Danny engaged in sexual activities. I’m sure he wants to use bleach to wash thoughts of his wife, Grace, and Danny entangled in throes of passionate bliss from his mind. On the other hand, Ben, like me and others, would probably want to ask a question that is both puzzling and intriguing: What is/was the purpose of the Crusader-brand condom he found in the master bedroom? Why was the Crusader there? To be used for practical purposes; or was it there to be used as a prophylactic “plot device” prop? 

  10. Fiona Clarke was a passenger on Flight 828. Along with Bill Daly, she has again disappeared, reminiscent of her mysterious disappearance aboard Flight 828 on April 7, 2013. Unlike the other passengers, she didn’t have Callings. Does she have the “blood marker” that was discovered in her fellow passengers?
    The ability of have Callings and the “blood marker” are strong indicators of being included in the June 2, 2024 death date by the 828’ers. What about Fiona Clarke? What makes her different, i.e., if she’s different? What did she mean when she said, “When we learn how to harness the power of collective consciousness with the Mirror Factor?” What exactly is the Mirror Factor?
    Is Fiona Clarke part of the solution to finding the answer when it comes to the death date? How exactly is she connected to the mysteries involving Flight 828’s disappearance and return; and to the death date? Will we, the audience, ever be provided answers to how she is connected? Will she be involved in any of the flashbacks

  11. When exactly did Grace become pregnant with the baby she’s carrying? Was it before or after Ben returned? If it was before he returned, where did it happened … in Jamaica? If it happened after he returned, when did it happen … the same night Ben found out about Danny?It’s been revealed that Grace was pregnant last year with Danny’s child and had a miscarriage. So, how is it possible for Grace to have gotten pregnant with Ben’s child in Jamaica and then get pregnant with Danny’s child last year? And where’s the paternity paperwork showing that Ben’s the father of the baby Grace is now carrying?This is what’s increasingly frustrating about Manifest … and it’s something that has grown exhaustingly tiresome. There continue to be far too many inconceivable shades of grey scenarios in all of the “overhyped” OMG storylines … regardless how simple any of the answers seem. Okay. We find out … maybe … that Danny’s not the baby’s daddy and Ben is the only candidate left when Grace has a Calling. Now what?Will the time and place Grace got pregnant ever be revealed? Or would that be asking too much? Is it possible the answer to what caused Flight 828 to disappear is directly responsible for Grace being pregnant? If Ben is the father of Grace’s child, why not come out and explicitly reveal it … via paternity confirmation in writing … or would that interfere with the details surrounding the story behind Grace’s miscarriage last year? For me, watching last season’s cliffhangers unfold this season is like my body sinking in quicksand. The more I struggle to understand … the faster I sink. Maybe it’s time for me to stop struggling … and move to higher ground … where I no longer have to worry about quicksand. 

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Flight 828 disappear over water … somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle? And don’t get me wrong, the S2 promos have been great. Actually better than great. There have been truly magnificent. Especially, the photo outtake shown here.So, if Flight 828 crashed and ash was falling like rain, the plane couldn’t have crashed in water. Then where did it crash? Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle? Or did it crash in Hell, i.e., in an other-dimensional version of Hell? Or is it that the callings are doing nothing more than screwing with the minds of Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and others? 

    “The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

    – Shannon L. Addler

  13. After Olive’s shoplifting incident at the Bluemercury, Ben went to pick her up in the family car. The Stone’s only have one car. At least, that is what has been implied. In 103.14, Ben and Cal used a taxi and Grace (103.12) drove the car to work.So, when Grace unexpectedly left and returned home (104.23), she either took a taxi or agreed to Danny giving her a “ride” in his car … or both. The unanswered question surrounding Grace’s “mystery” trip remains: Why did she leave home, where did she go, and what did she do?

  14. Will the status of the catatonic 828 patients at Fiona Clarke’s “friend’s beach house” be revealed in season 2? What about the owner of the beach house? Who owns the property? And what about the location of Kelly Taylor’s body? Will season 2 provide an answer?Then there’s the mystery figure in Cal’s drawing. Will an answer be revealed in season 2? Or will the events taking place in season 2 be separate and apart from season 1; except when it comes to unveiling the unknowns regarding the “cliffhangers” surrounding the season 1 finale?

  15. Adrian is “pastor, minister” of The Church of the Returned. Cody Webber is “leader, organizer” of the Anti-828 movement. How much time will transpire before Webber’s Anti-828’ers light a torch and burn Adrian’s storefront church to the ground.Pure unadulterated hate is something that can’t be sugarcoated. It is complete and absolute. Either Webber’s organized hate group is all-in with its criminal behavior or the group’s simply pretending to be something that its members are not. Confrontation between Adrian’s Church and Webber’s hate group is inevitable. Will Webber’s hate group kill one of the people its members are pledged to hate? And will Adrian’s followers “turn the other cheek” when confronted?

  16. Reference: Manifest828.com Glossary: Wolf.

    The expression, “a wolf’s in sheep’s clothing” in Matthew 7:15 signifies a dangerous person who is pretending to be harmless

    Reference: IMDb: Adrian (portrayed by Jared Grimes).Jared Grimes… Adrian 5 episodes, 2019-2020 – Episode #2.5 (2020) … Adrian- Episode #2.6 (2020) … Adrian- Episode #2.4 (2020) … Adrian- Upgrade (2019) … Adrian- Crosswinds (2019) … AdrianIt appears that Adrian will have a pulpit in S2 to showcase his religious opportunism. Will Adrian’s character become “a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” Or will he end up being symbolized as a character in which “the emperor has no clothes?”

  17. Probably not but who knows.

    True. For a character that sucks up a lot of the show’s oxygen, Danny’s character has been poorly written IMO. I blame the showrunner and writers.  

    There seem to be several new characters being introduced in S2

    Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware that Mellini Kantayya had been cast. “The obvious role (Garrett Wareing) is a new love interest for Olive.” Why not? It would appear the show’s executives believe that with each additional new love triangle … fans will become even more excited about the mystery behind the plane’s disappearance and enthusiastically “jump for joy.” /sarc/Just what’s needed. A new character (Dr. Elbaz) to replace and help answer questions about a previously introduced character (Dr. Fiona Clarke) who may or may not return to the show by 2024 /sarc/. “Or she could be Grace’s obstetrician.” Now that the show’s executives have ordained Grace’s pregnancy, she does need an obstetrician to make sure she’s healthy, wealthy, and wise. Or the new doctor could be working with the Major to help examine and or reprogram the cells in Saanvi’s brain that are part of her connection to “human collective consciousness.” 

    Who freaking knows? Too many questions and now adding more characters to generate more question!

    I agree 100-percent. Who freaking knows? The reason I keep asking questions is because if I’m to continue watching, I need answers to the questions that have already been presented … not more questions that may never be answered. And based on all the questions I have, it’s highly doubtful the important ones will ever be answered. Especially when it comes to the tortured 828 passengers who were used as experimental lab rats and last seen in a state of catatonic helplessness. Honestly, abandoning this particular storyline continues to anger me more than anything else in season 1 … including (IMO) the unnecessary “Grace is pregnant” storyline.”Again, thanks for the info. I really appreciate you taking the time to engage in discussion with an old (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) sci-fi fan.

  18. When it comes to Grace, is Danny absolutely and totally committed … for better or worse? Is he willing to die (take a bullet) in order to save Cal’s life? If he’s not the father of Grace’s baby, will he continue to unconditionally love her … no matter what?With Ben, the answers to these questions are undeniably obvious.

  19. Will the Major ‘s immediate supervisor be revealed in season 2, i.e., what is her boss’ job description and where can he or she be found on the government’s organizational chart? In short, who does the Major directly answers to and what power does he or she wield?

  20. It was revealed that Olive has been in therapy (101.14) twice a week, for years now. As MetaWitches pointedly stated, “… serious amounts of therapy.” After 16-episodes, Olive’s therapy sessions were never addressed again. Period. Why?If questions like Olive’s twice a week therapy sessions aren’t answered. Why should the audience expect answers to the most important questions, i.e., what caused Flight 828 to disappear and return? And why and how did it happen?At the rate unanswered questions are being revealed, it’s conceivable the series could broadcast its season 6 finale in 2024 and we will still be in the dark; and not know what actually caused the plane’s disappearance and return.

  21. Flight 828 mysteriously disappeared and returned 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days later. This is what has made Manifest an intriguing and compelling story.  Three questions are important when it comes to the on-going mystery, i.e., who, why, and how?By the end of season 2, the planned 6-year series will be one-third completed. At least, one of these three important questions should be answered by the end of next season. Which means, those who religiously follow the story each week should unequivocally be provided an answer to either who is responsible, or why it happened, or the mechanism(s) behind how Flight 828 disappeared and returned.There is no valid reason for not answering at least one of these questions. As a dedicated and loyal fan, I don’t see any valid reason for not doing so. Do you?

  22. Saanvi Bahl wanted a sample of Kelly Taylor’s brain tissue because: “I could test for that rebound. If they take a sample during an autopsy, maybe I could have some access.” (103.27). Harvey Stein committed suicide (108.12). James Griffin died after vomiting his body weight in water from the East River (116.12). Did Saanvi ever get the brain tissue sample she needed? Or did Stein and Griffin’s bodies disappear before she could do so?

  23. What is it about dark lightning? Is it a supernatural occurrence that originated in the Bermuda Triangle, and has it now migrated and taken up permanent residence in or near the State of New York? Here’s what we know:Flight 828 disappeared from radar after an hour during a planned three-hour flight (105.1). Note: Flight 828 was scheduled to arrive 1:40 am, April 5, 2013. Grace said, “It’s not gonna arrive for another few hours. It’s too long to wait.”Flight 828 reappeared on radar while requesting permission to land. Head Flight Attendant Bethany Collins said to passengers via the plane’s public address system (101.2), ” Welcome to New York, where local time is 11:49 p.m. On behalf of your flight crew, we’d like to thank you all for flying Montego Air.”It would appear that Flight 828 arrived two hours ahead of schedule … 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days later. Dark lightning works in mysterious ways.There are countless unanswered questions surrounding dark lightning. But here are a few questions that can be answered in season 2:When and where exactly did Flight 828 disappear? And when and where exactly did Flight 828 reappear?When and where exactly did Zeke Landon disappear? When and where exactly did he reappear?When and where exactly did James Griffin disappear? When and where exactly did he reappear?Why did Bill Daly think that dark lightning would appear at the time and place of his choosing?As I see it. The best way for Manifest to get to season 6 is to provide creative and entertaining answers to some of the already intriguing unanswered questions in season 2. No one, as least not me, is willing to patiently wait 5-years for answers to the all of the questions and puzzles that were presented in season 1.

  24. It’s important to note that Olive told Ben; after he, Cal, and Grace had returned home from saving Zeke’s life, that Cal had told her about the callings “a long time ago” (113.12). According to Olive‘s time-line, her reveal took place on Day 42.Did Olive know about the callings before Grace kicked Ben out of the house (109.20), Day 28? If not, she had to have known before inviting Danny over for dinner to “comfort” her mom Grace (110.12), Day 38. So, why didn’t Olive tell Grace about the callings instead to running to Danny for help, and arguing with her that Danny was family (110.21)?Why did she go to Danny to help her mom Grace rather than going to her father Ben? After all, Ben is her family, too. He’s the father whose wife kicked him out the house who earlier had assured her, “…  you’re this whole new person. And you know what? I really love this whole new person. And sometimes I might not be great at communicating with her, but I want her to know whenever she needs help, she can always call me, no matter what. Okay?” (104.20)(Day 9)Does Olive suffer from bipolar disorder or does she actually care more about Danny being in her and her mom Grace’s life more than she loves her father Ben?

  25. According to Grace, Olive is currently in therapy twice a week (101.14). Based on what has transpired since Ben and Cal’s return, she now needs therapy more than ever. Her mom Grace must have an excellent work insurance plan.Saanvi probably has an excellent work insurance plan too. If so, it will be needed. Saanvi is now in therapy because of her PTSD and or other possible associated mental health problems (116.21). Will Olive and Saanvi’s “therapy sessions” storylines converge? Will the Major end up as the therapist for both Olive and Saanvi? I hope so. It’s definitely something that could be intriguing … and entertaining. 

  26. For the record, let me be crystal clear. I unapologetically use the time-lines that have been painstakingly and meticulously constructed by this site’s creator. I recommend that everyone takes full advantage of the character time-lines and all other available site resources … everyone also includes the showrunners at Manifest (JMO and mine alone).The time-lines are major reasons why the two questions are being asked here:

    First, when exactly did Grace end her romantic relationship with DannyOn Day 7, Ben found out about Grace’s new lover, Danny, from Olive. Later that night, Grace and Ben had sex for the first time since he had returned (102.23). The next morning (Day 8), Grace took Cal to work with her and told her friend and coworker Rob that it felt like she was cheating on Danny by being with Ben (103.11).This is also when Grace told Rob she had ended her relationship with Danny. So, when did she do it? Did she send him a phone text message and say it was over? Did she do so immediately after having sex with her husband Ben? Or did she do it on her way to work the following morning? Perhaps, there’s more than one addictive Manifest fan who would like know the answer to this question. 

    Second, what’s up with James Griffin’s death certificate? This is an issue that was presented by a fan on Reddit. Griffin drove the van into the East River on Wednesday (mid-afternoon-ish) and was “rescued” late Saturday night, 82 hours and 8 minutes later. The death certificate showed that Griffin died on Tuesday morning, December 11, 2018. This was far less than the stated 82 hours and 8 minutes expiration date. It was also short of the time-line highlighted by this site. On Day 45, December 17, Michaela questioned Griffin (when he was still alive) after being admitted to the hospital (115.4 time-line).Fans were challenged to pay attention to possible clues that would help to unlock the show’s mysteries. Paying attention when looking for clues is also a double-edged sword. Paying attention also means pulling the curtain back and revealing irreparable mistakes.Throughout the season, I’ve discovered the resources at this site to be more reliable than the spin I hear or read about the series and its characters from comments on articles, interviews, and forums. Btw April 19 is Olive and Cal’s birthday (101.18). Which means anything taking place in the story after this date should indicate that Olive’s 17-years old. As for Cal, is he now 11 or 12-years old?Before I forget, Happy (fictitious) Birthday to Olive and Cal.

  27. The most important question has now been answered. Manifest was renewed by NBC for a second season. All is good. Congratulations to the cast and staff of Manifest and to executives at both WB and NBC for making it happen. But most importantly, thanks to NBC for supporting the demands of the fans.It is now incumbent that the show’s producers improve upon the anticipated excitement expected in season two. In spite of some of its earlier flaws, Manifest continues to have the potential to be the one of the best of its genre in television history.

  28. If Captain Daly wanted to take a dark lightning flight to the future, shouldn’t his journey to the future have included duplicating and executing his travel plan exactly as it had happened on Flight 828? Which would have required him to take off from Jamaica at the same time and fly the exact same flight path?Daly didn’t duplicate or execute the exact original 828 flight perimeters. Did he fly into the future or into the past? Did the dark lightning related disappearance of Bill Daly and Fiona Clarke’s plane cause the resurrection of the immoral James Griffin … and unlike Zeke Landon, Griffin was not linked to Saanvi’s Aftershock theory (113.13)?Was Daly’s last flight directly connected to Griffin? And will Daly and Clarke end up in the past or in the future? Or is the past and future one and the same?

  29. Who told the Major about Ben and Daly visiting Roger Mencin at Massapequa? Was it Autumn Cox or was it Fiona Clarke?Michaela thinks that Autumn was the informer: BEN: Then how did they find the meteorologist? Someone had to tell them.Michaela notices the two cups on the coffee table from earlier that afternoon when Autumn stopped by for a visit. She remembers the conversation she had on the phone with Ben, “Hey, how’s Massapequa? “MICHAELA: Maybe I did.BEN: What?MICHAELA: Autumn was here when you called. I-I asked you about Massapequa in front of her. What if Autumn is the mole? T-The Major, she’s looking for the Holy Grail the passenger most affected by the calling.(111.22)But Ben had earlier insisted it was Fiona who had provided the Major with the information about Mencin:BEN: Bill, Fiona can’t help you. She’s innocent in all this. Of course she’s part of it. Who do you think told the Major about the meteorologist?FIONA: What? I did no such thing.MICHAELA (TO BEN): Did you tell her?Ben nods his head as two Air National Jets fly overhead.So, who really told the Major about Roger Mencin? Did Fiona do the deed or was it Autumn? Will we ever know with absolute certainty? Or is this a piece of the puzzle that will forever remain missing?

  30. What happened to the passengers on Flight 828 during their time inside the space-time anomaly? Nothing? Or …Were their dying bodies cloned (with an expiration date) and all previous memories implanted … except for what happened to them inside the time distortion?Were experiments conducted on them by human, extraterrestrial or supernatural entities? Why did some passengers like Fiona Clarke not receive the gift of being blessed with Callings?Why were the 20 passengers, which excluded Fiona Clarke and others, summoned by an unknown force to witness the plane’s fiery destruction? Did something from inside the time anomaly travel with the passengers to their New York destination and continues to remain with them?Maybe nothing happened to the passengers and plane inside the dark lightning created time-space anomaly. Or perhaps whatever took place happened either nanoseconds before they entered the time distortion or immediately thereafter.

  31. The first reveal of the five foreign nationals being held against their will happened during this exchange:

    POWELL: Five foreign nationals repatriated to their countries of origin, three people in the hospital listed as receiving inpatient care.AGENT: One in the Bureau prisons custody for an outstanding warrant two with no next of kin.VANCE: And a partridge in a pear tree.

    (106.22)The writers did an outstanding job killing the storyline involving the tortured 828 hostages who are now catatonic patients … and have mysteriously disappeared from the plot. The writers efforts in making it happen should be highly commended. /sarc/What’s next in this ongoing saga?

  32. Marko Valeriev and Lena Rasmussen are catatonic patients whose medical conditions exist because they were inhumanely tortured by Laurence Belson. Both are also foreign nationals.
    Do their respective governments know what has happened to them? If not, will their governments be told what happened? Will there be international repercussions resulting from the maltreatment of any of the 828 passengers?
    Secrets can’t be kept forever. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed. It’s something that’s inevitable.

  33. “The recent PTSD is going to force her to deal with whatever happened prior to the flight,” Kaur teased. “It pushes her to have to face whatever she’s going through.”

    Out of all of the ongoing storylines, Saanvi’s PTSD problems seem to be the most realistic and intriguing. Not only will the Major get an opportunity to glimpse into Saanvi’s soul in the future, it’s strongly suggested that it’s highly likely the individual who was the seat 8B no-show also did something that affected her both physically and psychologically.How much detail will be revealed in Saanvi’s upcoming PTSD storyline ? Will the Major hypnotize her? Did her seat 8B no-show traveling companion physically abuse her?Forget who got shot. Forget Grace’s pregnancy. What Saanvi is currently undergoing is far more intriguing than what’s happening in any of the other show’s characters’ personal lives.

  34. What happened to the spouse-abusing Paul Santino who got immense pleasure out of beating his helpless wife, Helen Doyle? Does he still have amnesia?Manifest writers have had no problem when it comes to introducing the audience to social issues, e.g., gay rights, racial discrimination, martial infidelity, etc.Btw. There is no such thing as “infidelity without moral consequences.” There are always consequences to infidelity. Period. Believing otherwise is delusional thinking.Grace is a fictitious character. If it was so vitally important to portray her character as possibly being pregnant by someone other than her husband; and she actually loves “that man” as much as showrunners would have us believe, the two of them would have gotten married long before Ben’s return.

  35. Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace‘s and Olive‘s character development.

    Obviously, the writers now have a very good reason for bringing Danny back. I think it was a mistake to introduce the “Grace is pregnant” storyline. But what do I know. Showrunners simply couldn’t let Danny exit from the stage quickly and quietly.After 16 episodes, next-to-nothing has been revealed about him. Not even his last name. His character has served no purpose in the show other than being a foil to Ben. And a no longer needed, once upon a time “substitute” faux family member for Grace and Olive.But when is comes to the upcoming “my baby mama” soap opera drama, I’m afraid we’ll see more of Danny in season 2 than we can tolerate.

  36. There were children on Flight 828 other than Cal. Here’s the evidence. Are they not important to the show’s mythology? Episode 10 was originally titled, Unaccompanied Minors. My first thought led me to believe the episode would be about 828’s children.Will other 828 children with Callings appear in Season 2? Or were the children simply being used as meaningless props and extras in the pilot episode? Season 2 is definitely needed.

  37. “Writers wrote him out … by never mentioning him again.”The Danny/Grace/Olive storyline had become much too toxic. A viewer commenting on episode 4, the beginning of the “Two Dads” storyline, wrote that he “could no longer watch the slow torture of Ben by Grace and Olive.” Due to his nonproductive involvement with the character development of both Grace and Olive, i.e., Ben Stone’s wife and daughter; Danny was a character that always seemed to manifest negativity every time he appeared on screen. “Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace‘s and Olive‘s character development.”I concur 100%. But in my opinion, the only good reason to ever bring Danny back is in re-reruns … and take any decision to bring him back out of the hands of the writers. Trying to rehabilitate Danny’s character would be a mistake … and a waste of time.

  38. Charles, I agree. Of all the unanswered questions I want answered I too do not need to know about Danny. Because of  the Danny story line the writers were effecting our perception of Grace and Olive in such a negative way. I think the writers had to quickly change Grace’s and Olive’s attitude and behavior and stop all mention of Danny. Last mention of Danny was EP 13 when Ben asked Grace to thank Danny for the use of the truck. “If I see him” Grace answered. There; gone is Danny. Writers wrote him out quicker than ____ by never mentioning him again. Forever I hope. Bringing him back without a very good reason will just mess up Grace’s and Olive’s character development.

  39. Excellent point. Danny has expensive tastes. His lifestyle indicates he has a large bankroll.So, the obvious questions are: If he really loves Grace, why did he live with her instead of moving her and Olive into his luxurious home? Why did Grace go ballistic when she discovered she had to pay back Ben’s $500,000 death benefit?It makes no sense. Paul Douglas and others have astutely commented elsewhere that Danny is a predator who preys on widows at survivor group sessions. I completely agree with Paul’s theory. Based on his expensive lifestyle, Danny would definitely have the financial resources to afford a private therapist to overcome the grief of losing his wife, Nina.And because he alleges to unconditionally love Grace and Olive, and “picked up the pieces” when Ben was absent, he should have had no problem providing Grace with financial support. Nothing shows that he actually did.

  40. I really agree about Danny. He has plenty of money. Drives an expensive truck and Porsche convertible. Has all the expensive hobby toys like scuba for two, mountain bike, rock climbing equipment. Maybe it is part of Graces $500,000 and all the equity from her home. That was a lot of dough to go threw considering she had income from what is referred to as a successful catering business.

  41. Bethany Collins is out of jail. Vance probably released her when he started working with Ben.None of the other questions have been answered yet. Danny is still the most puzzling, least favorite mystery for me. Last name. Not known. Job/occupation. Unknown. Is Danny the shadow man in Cal’s family drawing? Unknown.Spoiler Alert. But here’s something that’s very interesting. It involves a search in the remote mountains of upstate New York. Will Arcadia be part of this search? What about Danny? Will he be involved?Sometimes questions lead to more questions. When it comes to Manifest, more questions could be a good thing. 

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