Who is Your Favorite Manifest Character?

by Charles Moore | Manifest828.com
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Jan 6, 2019

All of the characters on the show are fascinating for different reasons. Each character is viewed differently by viewers. Some viewers love a character because they’re attracted to a particular character’s personality. Other viewers may love a character because they have come to hate that individual character. Not real hate, but hate based solely on the character’s role in the story. Manifest is a character-driven show. The talented actors and actresses portraying these characters are what makes the show successful.

Ben Stone

Ben loves his family. Will do anything to protect them. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. No one addresses him as Dr. Stone because he’s an ordinary guy. When it comes to his family, he’s understanding and protective. But he can be tough and will get physical at times


Cal Stone

Cal won his battle with terminal cancer. He loves his father, mom, and sister. After disappearing for 5 and a half years, he returns with powers that have yet been fully revealed or explained. He is in serious danger because a super secret organization has plans to exploit the supernatural abilities he now possesses.


Grace Stone

Grace met Ben in college. Since then, he had been the only man she loved enough to marry. She more often than not behaves emotionally rather than logically. It’s not really her fault. She’s essentially been through hell and back. After she had finally accepted the tragic death of her husband and son, they mysteriously returned to irreparably interrupt the perfect life she had built.


Olive Stone

Olive is a teen who was without the father she loved to guide her through her formative years. Perhaps, she is angry and blames Ben for not being in her life when she needed him. She has convinced herself that she had never given up on Cal been alive. Not even after 5 and a half years. But what about her father? Did she give up on him being alive? Or does she simply desire he had never returned?


Michaela Stone

Michaela is a tortured soul. She had once literally given up on ever being happy. The accidental death of her BFF Evie was a traumatic shock that left her psychologically and mentally impaired. Michaela is resilient and compassionate. She continues to demonstrate the ability the overcome her own personal failings.


Saanvi Bahl

Saanvi is a brilliant medical scientist and researcher. She is directly responsible for the research that lead to curing Cal of terminal cancer. She also discovered that her along with other passengers now have unusual brain activity, and had a near-death experience while flying aboard Flight 828. After miraculously returning, her parents refuse to let her move out of their home.


Jared Vasquez

Jared is the man Michaela had planned to marry. He is the man who desperately wanted to marry her. Instead he married Lourdes, one of Michaela’s BFF. A love triangle that has become even more complicated now that he has confessed and physically demonstrated his love for Michaela. It’s not possible for him to sincerely love both his wife and ex-fiance. If Jared doesn’t immediately decide who he truly loves, the decision will be made for him.


Another Character

Perhaps, your favorite character is someone else. Fiona Clarke, Robert Vance, Kelly Taylor, or Autumn Cox. Or another character that not’s listed.

As of now, my favorite character is Grace. I’ve grown to love her because I immensely dislike her. All because Grace is perfectly portrayed by the perfect actress, Athena Karkanis. Unlike some fans, I have no problem loving unlikable characters. Or admitting they are my favorite characters.

What do you think? Who is your favorite character?


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One thought on “Who is Your Favorite Manifest Character?

  1. At the end of the season, Saanvi Bahl definitely became my favorite main character. Her character portrayed strength and vulnerability … and at the same time displayed high intellectual abilities while being equally fragile.

    My favorite characters in an acting scene (102.17) go to Radd and Audio Campbell. These two characters were portrayed by a real-life father and son team, Curtiss Cook and Curtiss Cook Jr.

    James Griffin gets my favorite character season one “best evil villain” designation. No one else was remotely close to being the villain Griffin portrayed. Not the Major. Not Belson. Not even Grace.

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